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    Nashville, TN or traveling in an RV with my DH
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    Crochet, Letterboxing, Travel, Stamp Collecting, Reading, Scrapbooking
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    Vocational Evaluator
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    Hats, baby blankets, lapghans...anything that doesn't take too long.
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    I have been crocheting since 2/2004

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  1. Here are my WIPs for the week 1. rectangle granny blanket to be donated to the Linus Project 2. 6" granny squares to be donated to make afghans for Pineridge Indian Reservation 3. knitted dishcloth, Its about 1/2 way done. 4. scrap toddler afghan to be donated to the Linus Project. I won't finish this one till I finish the first one listed. There may be more...my yarn/projects are not allowed in the computer room...they might take over there too Barbara
  2. I've never posted on this Thread. I never remember on Wednesday So lets see what am I working on... 1.Blanket for Linus Project in Bright pink, orange, yellow Rectangle 2.Blanket for Linus Project in Simply Soft "brights" Square 3. Pink and white blankey for a new little cousin due in Sept. I have frogged it several times. I think I'll frog the whole thing and do the star pattern. Let ya know how its going next wed. 4. just started a dishcloth for a set I'm doing for a friend's daughter who is getting married the end of July. Barbara
  3. I don't know how many WIPs I have but I got tired of them cluttering up my den so I gathered them up and put them in a large plastic bag in my bedroom. Most of them are almost finished lapgahns or baby afghans. They are unfinished 'cause I did not like the way they were turning out. I'll go back and finish them after I finish my current list of "wants" by my family. Then I will have several WIPs finished quickly.
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