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    Nashville, TN or traveling in an RV with my DH
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    Crochet, Letterboxing, Travel, Stamp Collecting, Reading, Scrapbooking
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    Vocational Evaluator
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    I have been crocheting since 2/2004
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    Hats, baby blankets, lapghans...anything that doesn't take too long.
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  1. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    Hi everbody, I had to go out of town for more than a week and when I returned I had 2 more boxes of beautiful items to take to the Hope Center for Women. Tracyleigh sent 3 premie blankets and 16 hats! They are all beautiful! And mellowe67 sent 3 beautiful blankets 2 are fleece with embroidery and crocheted edging and one is a crocheted star 12 point star blanket. Thank you both sooooo much. I know the ladies at the Hope Center will love them. Barbara
  2. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    Oh my gosh, OH my gosh!...thats what I kept saying as I pulled out blanket after blanket today. My husband got up to see what in the world I was talking about. I got 9 blankets from Cheryl aka clacey817. They are all different and beautiful I got 6 blankets from Cluless some are fleece with crocheted borders and some are all crochet. Beautiful! She also sent 3 crocheted diaper shirts. Very cute:cheer From minwifeof4boys aka Lea I got 5 premie hats, 2 newborn hats and a premie blanket. They are all beautiful I will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow. I just wanted to let everybody know that their packages arrived safe and sound. I can't wait to take all your beautiful items to the center. I know they will love them.
  3. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    I got the first items in the mail today for the August Charity. Natalie aka ncmurray512 sent 3 hats! Thanks they are so cute
  4. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    Finally...here is the wishlist for the Hope Center For Women in Nashville. I have donated several baby blankets to them. They are always very appreciative. I spoke with the director and this is what she said they need the most. Baby blankets-- they put a baby blanket in each new mother gift bag. Hats and booties Non crochet related Extra large to XXX large maternity clothes New born diapers and size 1 diapers Size 6 diapers Johnson and Johnson baby products<-- they put these in the gift bags too. PM me for my address
  5. Nashville Crocheter

    "Felted Crochet" book at Barnes and Noble

    I'm interested it that! Thanks for telling us about it. I have been frustrated by all the knitting/felting books too.
  6. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    I am the one who asked that the Hope Center for Women be listed for August. The one I support is in Nashville,TN I have not heard back from them as to specifics but I donate baby blankets to them. I'm sure they would love anything for a new baby. I'll try to post there specific wish list the first of the week. Barbara
  7. Nashville Crocheter

    Easter-y eggs!!!!!

    Very cute! What a great idea
  8. Nashville Crocheter

    Hello from SC

    and from Nashville,TN! Sounds like you are in the right place.
  9. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    I'll be mailing off my March items this week some time. I only have 4 items 2 scarves and 2 hats. I plan to make more for this charity through out the year. I have lots of yarn that will work well for scarves. I just did not have the time this month.
  10. Nashville Crocheter

    Stitch Question

    I agree with Carovan. It means to pick up the back loop of the top of the stitch. I do not think it is the Back post stitch. That abbreviation is bpdc.
  11. Nashville Crocheter

    Hello from greece :-)

    and to Crochetville! I spent several days in Greece a few years ago. I would love to go back I love Greek food too
  12. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    Darski, I am glad you said that. I will only have 3 sets to mail out next week. It is not nearly as many as I thought I would send. I have much more yarn I had planned to use for scarves and hat sets. So I think I will send the 3 sets I have finished and as I am between other projects this year I will make more and send later. I'll be sure and post here what I am sending.
  13. Nashville Crocheter

    Charity blitz 2007 See totals Post #2

    I haven't tried the pattern you are using for the slippers, but I have made slippers for myself in the past using 2 strands of Red heart and a K hook. I love them! They are very warm and get softer once you wash them.
  14. Nashville Crocheter


    can you give us a link to the pattern so we can see what you are talking about?
  15. Nashville Crocheter

    patterm Help

    I agree with Dawn. The chain 4 counts as a DC and a chain 1 THEN do the Cluster.