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  1. Thank you Thank you to all who have contributed to this service project... so far we have a count of: 16 scarves 5 hats 1 head warmer I appreciate all your time and dedication going into each and every stitch... I know the soldiers will appreciate it as well.
  2. camoflauge would work I just edited the first post to include that as well. THANK YOU!!
  3. I'd like to receive them all by 10/31st, in order for the soldiers to receive them around Veteran's Day which is 11/11. As for the patterns, anything would do... SC, even Double Crochet throughout. Just chain til you get to the size you want and then just sc or dc. I've been doing some really simple ones only because I'm trying to get so many done Thanks if you decide to help I know they'd appreciate it.
  4. HI all, There are sooo many great causes to crochet for, but I'm requesting a more personal one. One of my best friends husband was just sent overseas and won't be returning until next July. They have a 3 year old daughter and now a 6 month old son. She's home raising her two kids, working full-time and missing and praying for her husband's safe return. It's just so sad to think that he'll miss his daughter's 4th birthday and his son's 1st birthday. I've known them for a few years now and they are some of the most self-less, caring people you'll ever meet. What I'm doing, and I'd LOVE your help if you're willing... is to put together packages for Jake and the rest of the soldiers in his unit. I want to make scarves for them for the coming cold nights they'll be spending in Iraq. The requirements for the scarves are to be about 5-6" wide and about 38-40" long. A single scarf doesn't take much time to complete. The scarves do however need to be neutral in color; black, browns, tans, dark greens, grays, camo, etc. Of course hats/beanies are welcomed as well, they need to keep their heads warm under those helmets. If you'd like as well, to attach your name and/or address to your crocheted items, that way the soldiers would know who made his/her gift. I'm also going to be getting my kids at the school to write letters to the soldiers, you wouldn't believe how many soldiers don't receive anything from home... and that's the drive they need to know there are people who care!! If you feel inclined to write a letter to 'a soldier' as well, I'll be sure to get them to Jake to pass out to the other men & women in his unit. I'd appreciate any help you'd like to give, I'd crochet 50 scarves (if I could!!!)... You can send the packages directly to me and that way we'll get them sent out all at once. I'd like to have received ALL packages by Oct. 31st, that way I can send them out and they'll receive the gifts right around Veteran's Day (November 11th). Please email me JPowell27@gmail.com if you're interested in participating and then I can get my address to you. THANKS CROCHETVILLE!!! Jayme
  5. Yippee! I just ordered a lavendar/vanilla and a ylang ylang... I can't wait to try it Deneen! Thanks so much
  6. I'm from Clermont (west of Orlando) and would love to chat with you all in this area. Email or PM me!
  7. I LOVE swaps!! And I had a blast with the summer scarf swap - I can't wait for this one to begin! Woohoo... thanks Julie for all your time and hard work in coordinating such wonderful swaps!
  8. Heather, if you don't mind me asking... what didn't you like about yours? Did you do the pattern from the LB site? Do you have a picture? Luv2Craft... Thanks for the welcome back; I've been around lurking just not posting much. We're finally getting moved back home and there's so much to do! I'm still working on switching all of our bills/credit card addresses etc.; and to make matters worse... the post office screwed up my change of address and stated they never received it and here it is 3 weeks after the move and after I received the CONFIRMATION in the first place.... But I'm still around and very busy
  9. I think I'll use what the pattern calls for... I know it's not exactly like the one in the movie but I still like it; and hey... I've never made one of those 'simple rectangle' ponchos before. So, we'll see!
  10. ...from the Lion Brand website yet? I'm thinking about going to get the yarn for it tomorrow and would love to hear what others have to say about theirs? And pictures too!?
  11. OH ELIZABETH!!! I absolutely LOVE my scarves... two of them arrived today and I just can't stop wearing them around the house (Both at the same time- b/c I love them both)! You really out did yourself; I'm going to put pictures on my blog tomorrow morning so I can show off your wonderful stitching! Thanks again - I was blessed with such a terrific swap partner!
  12. OH FIONA!!! Thank you thank you thank you I absolutely love all of my dishcloths, scrubbie and dishsoap dress... and the candle is just perfect! I have to post a picture as soon as I can... they are beautiful! Now I really have to get busy on mine
  13. Me too! I'm in Fort Lauderdale until July; then back to Orlando! You're right, not too many LYS around here
  14. As soon as I saw what a gorgeous ghan you were making I downloaded the pattern and off to JoAnn's I went I hope you don't mind but I love your colors soo much that I chose similar ones... I can't wait to start this evening!!
  15. Just beautiful! I went to check out the kits for myself and I guess I'll have to wait for Santa Clause; bit too pricey for me but gorgeous none-the-less!
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