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Stuck on a pattern (granny square cardigan)



Hello. I’ve been working on a cardigan and i’ve gotten stuck. At the bottom I’ve posted a picture of how its supposed to look when it’s finished and how you’re supposed to sew together the squares. the first picture is the body portion and the second picture is (one of the) sleeves. I also posted the link to the pattern

I’ve come to the point where it’s time for me to sew on the sleeves to the body portion of the cardigan but i’m a little confused on how its supposed to attach. The arm hole of the body is 5 squares big. I have two squares from the front, two squares from the back and then one square on the side, which makes up the arm hole of the cardigan. But then the arm hole on the sleeve is a lot smaller. All I have is the one square on the top and the two half squares on the sides and then the gussets on the bottom. How am I supposed to sew them together with the different sizing? Have I done this wrong? Sorry if this is confusing, i'm doing my best to explain it without posting the pattern since it isn't free.

Pattern link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/121435757/1970s-vintage-granny-square-sweater-set




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10 to 12

- sports weight yarn
- 8 oz. navy
- 2 oz: hot pink, soft pink, kelly green, soft green, gold, orange, turquoise, magenta, and purple
- crochet hook size H or size to give gauge

Did you meet gauge? It looks mighty small.

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It is not unusual in fabric clothing construction for the hole for the sleeve to be a little smaller than the sleeve itself, and for you to have to subtly "gather" (ease) the top part of the sleeve around the top of the armhole.  Your sleeve looks like what it should shape-wise (well, a fabric sleeve would be rounder, but it yours is as close enough to round).  

If I were putting the sleeve in, I'd probably sew it in with a mattress stitch for 2 reasons: it would be more comfortable than a more bulky crochet seam, and it would be easier to 'ease' it by hand sewing, you can connect 1.5 stitches of the sleeve head to 1 stitch of the armhole for example to ease the greater distance of sleeve head over the lesser distance of armhole.  The area you normally would want to ease (in woven fabric) would be between the centers of one half square, across the top, to the center of the other half square.  But if you want, you could distribute it all around if you'd rather.  This is a situation where sewing pins might come in handy.

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