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Found 75 results

  1. Here’s a link to my granny square dress for 18 inch dolls. I’ve tried it on a few different kinds of dolls and it works up nicely. 18 Inch Doll Granny Square Dress Pattern
  2. Caitlin Moore

    Koala animal square

    I've released a sweet new pattern! An adorable koala animal square. Lots more animal squares in the works, so keep an eye out for them! You can find the pattern here: https://thoresbycottage.com/2018/09/08/crochet-koala-square/
  3. Nikki Ranson

    Cot Blanket, Baby Girl - Pink

    A friend at my local craft club, asked me to make a crochet blanket for her great niece, big enough for her cot! I followed the tutorial for Bella Coco’s Granny Heart tutorial for the heart squares and created some plain squares too! Then crocheted it together and stuck a granny stripe border on it.
  4. Pretty Granny Square Free Pattern | Crochet PDF Download Free Pattern: http://freecrochetfashion.com/pretty-granny-square-free-pattern-crochet-pdf-download/
  5. Nikki Ranson

    Cat Blanket

    I have a cat and I had some 25g balls of yarn, that I couldn’t use for bigger projects, so I chose all the colours, that a cat can see! Which when doing some research, found out was Green, Red, Blue and Yellow! The cat very much loves sleeping on it!
  6. Southerngirl.90

    Help my fix my granny square

    I am trying to find a way to fix my square without having to redo it. Is there any trick to that? I believe my problem is that I added too many stitches to the last 3-4 rows.
  7. I found this beautiful pattern on the Internet very well explained and decided to make some pillows for my couch, everything seemed fine until I realized I would not get to follow the pattern, but I still didn't give up the idea and changed a bit until I got a similar outcome. What do you think? The second is the result. The instructions for the first image pattern found here along with a video tutorial: Free crochet pattern Pondoland Square – Tutorial I hope I have more talent for the next to succeed in following the pattern, because lately I have been without time for crochet. Kisses Love you all!
  8. Hi everybody!! I've just recently learnt how to stitch the basic granny stitch and I'm noticing, as you can see in the pictures, that they slant to the right quite a bit. I'm using acrylic perle with a size 3 hook, was thinking on using a half size smaller one (2.50 size one) but not sure if the problem is really in the hook or what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas that could help with this anyone?
  9. I have a vest pattern that uses a somewhat different type of granny square. I don't have the written directions, just the graphic instructions, which I've attached. I am completely stuck on the fourth row. I don't know how the crisscrosses at the ends of the chains are done. Do you just attach new yarn there? Thanks for any help you can offer! Pegi P.S. I just checked the image I attached and it is an image of the folder that the pdf is in. Please let me know if you can't see the pattern image. If you can't, what did I do wrong? I simply attached the pdf--I thought!
  10. Michellaneous

    Granny Square Stripe Afghan

    Ok crochet friends, I am a relatively beginner crochet, but I have done a large granny square blanket. Why is this happening!! It almost looks like I have too many stitches on the rows after the chain and row 1. It's granny stripes. So I chained 200, then went back and single crocheted into the chain skipping the first two chains. Then chained three and then started to do the double crochet clusters in every third chain; picking up both the front and back of the chain. ???? I'm even using a bigger gage hook then what the yarn calls for. Will it lay flat as I keep going and this is happening just because it's long? Or do I need to start over because I was too tight? Thanks so much for the help and advice!
  11. Caitlin Moore

    Santa granny square

    I've released a pattern just in time for Christmas! It's available on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry. Hope you all like it!
  12. crochetbug13

    Granny Square Tote

    I am looking to design a bag that is attractive, but not as fussy as many of my other designs. This is my first attempt, and I think it shows promise. I have to add braiding to my skill set, and getting up to speed on that took some doing. Here is the blog post with more photos.
  13. Add a little sass and texture to your crochet projects with this pretty floral folk art inspired 'Daisy Dukes' Granny Square made using treble crochet, Puff stitch and Bobble/Popcorn stitch. I just can't stop making this cute little textured Daisy flower Granny Square! They are so quick and easy to work up and add texture to your crochet projects. Full pattern on my blog! http://setfreemygypsysoul.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/daisy-dukes-flower-granny-square-free-crochet-pattern.html
  14. About three years ago my mom promised her then pregnant neighbor that I would make a blanket for the "new" baby. Well, the new baby walks and talks and is now almost three, but I finally got a blanket done for her. Here is a page with all of the blog posts (in order) that document my progress on this project, and here is a photo of the finished blanket:
  15. crochetbug13

    The forever bag

    I have NO idea why this took me four months to finish, but it is finally done. Whew! Here is my final blog post about the project, and here is the bag itself:
  16. PrettyPotato

    Pincushion in a Jar

    Last weekend I made myself a pincushion in a jar and it's been so useful I wrote the pattern down incase anyone else wanted to use it http://prettypotato.co.uk/2017/01/22/quick-project-pincushion-in-a-jar/ If anyone has any problems with pattern please tell me as this is the first pattern I've written
  17. So the main reason I joined this forum is looking for help on a new project I started. I found this: https://chrystalkay.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/squared-granny-throw-written-pattern/ free pattern for a granny square in a diamond thing and it looked so cool and basically simple that I had to try it. In retrospect, it probably is a little too graphic a pattern for a baby blanket (in colors that are a little too rich for a baby), but that was the original intention. Now, because I don't have patience with things like a slip stitch row (who needs that?) or trying to count my stitches in anything that isn't my founding chain or comes in numbers greater than 5, I kind of went a little freewheeling. So I made two basic mistakes in doing that: 1) I used the same size crochet hook as the pattern called for (I/9), but I didn't use yarn that was the same weight. I went for my personal favorite yarn Caron's Simply Soft... which recommends an H hook (but I usually use my J with). This becomes important to my second mistake: 2) The walkthrough youtube video specifically demanded that each cluster have a single chain between it. After doing my first granny square and the first diamond, I thought the pattern was too loose for my taste (especially since the Simply Soft yarn is quite stretchy), so I did the third diamond without the chain between each cluster... with what should have been predictable results. Now my internal diamonds are bunching up slightly. Hopefully you can see in the pictures how the internal squares/diamonds are rumpling up. However, the yarn has enough stretch in it that you can stretch it to lay flat (also attached in an image). What I'm looking for is the best way to stretch the blanket out (I'm going to do one more set of diamonds--no chain between clusters on it--pretty sure two wrongs don't make a right). If I can't figure it out, this may stay with me. My youngest keeps trying to steal it anyway, but I was hoping to have it as a gift for a friend for Christmas. Time's getting a little tight to do a whole new project instead. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! --AngelSelene
  18. Aimée Giannaccari Martins

    Best granny square for donation!

    Hi, hello! I'm new to the forum in desperate need of help! I'm brazilian and on sunday there will be a very cool event in which people get together to crochet granny squares and subsequently attach them together to make afghans for donation! We get a few very cold days here in São Paulo and a lot of people suffer and even die from exposure every year. Last year they managed to make more than 200 afghans which is already a big help. Every one counts. This will be my first time participating and I wanted to start making them ahead, so I'm looking for a pattern that will meet some requirements: - It has to be 30 cm x 30 cm (11.8 in x 11.8 in). - It has to be simple to be FAST so I can make as many as possible. - It has to make a warm afghan. (I'm saying this because maybe if it has a lot of "holes" in it, it might not make a very warm afghan when sewn together. Maybe?) Can anyone help me with a pattern? Thank you so much in advance!!
  19. mrsnjonesjr

    My first granny swirl square!

    My first granny swirl square! Its not perfect but I just had to share. Yay!!!
  20. I made myself a basket to organize my winter gear, and my husband asked for one for his, so here it is! (along with a blog post that includes a side shot) http://www.crochetbug.com/a-panoply-of-neutrals/
  21. coco88

    Stuck, please help!

    Hi everyone! This is probably a really silly question but im still quite a novice at this. So I have made a lacy flower square and I want to now crochet it into a big granny square, So I went round the lacyflower with a row of double crochet stitches (US terms) and now I cant figure out how to start turning it into a granny square pattern.... I hope that makes sense? Thanks!
  22. I was hoping someone here could help me find the pattern for my Christmas stocking (pictures attached). It is in granny squares that I haven't been able to identify from google searches but I'm not sure what terms to use. The stocking was made for me by a work friend of my mom's when I was a baby and I have always loved it. When I got it out this year I realized that I might be able to find a pattern so I can try to make one for my son. Does anyone recognize this pattern and know where I could buy it or find it in a book or online? I would love to make one for my son so he can grow up with the same style of stocking as me. Thank you so much!
  23. Hi all. I have this afghan I'm trying to replicate. I can't figure out the pattern for the petals of the flower. Please help!
  24. I have made two more bags to give to two women who run a board and care where my cousins have lived for years. These women are absolutely amazing, and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are 110% crochet worthy, so I made two of these bags for them as a way to say thank you for all that they have done through the years. One of my cousins recently passed, and the other has cancer. Through it all they have been at their side and treat my cousins as if they were family. These are extraordinary people, and I hope I have achieved making them each an extraordinary bag. Here is a blog post with a couple of pictures of the smaller one all on its own.
  25. I'm looking for help in understanding HOW to do this pattern. Good and Evil Granny a crochet pattern by Danielle Day-Hines Notes: I use US terms and most of my abbreviations are standard and can be found here. Unique abbreviations will be noted. Size: Using Light Worsted Weight and a G hook: 6.5″. Using Worsted weight and an H hook: 8″ Feel free to check out my Color Change Tutorial and my tutorial for Weaving in Ends as you Go (Part 1). This pattern has been tested but I am still a beginner in formal pattern writing. Please, notify me of any mistakes or confusion and I will correct as soon as possible. Yarn and Colors: Most of my color placement was random and I used various balls of scrap yarn that had lost their labels. I did stick to one rule. I separated all of my colors in light colors, medium colors and dark colors. Dark colors made the shadows. I used the light colors in contrast to the dark colors. I used the medium colors to make the static center square design. I did make a few static squares using some of the light colors and it still works. I am currently using a mixture of medium hues to make a strip blanket and that’s working, too. The possibilities are endless and there are no rules. Changing colors, hues, arrangement, it all leads to something unique and you. For this pattern, I will be using 3 different colors to simply demonstrate where color changes should take place. You will be turning your work after EVERY round. This is very important. Special Stitches: ~ BegShell: SC, Ch1, 2DC ~ Shell: 3DC ~ CCC (Color Change Corner): With current color used, 2DC, YO, insert hook in same space, YO, draw up and loop, YO, pull through two loops on the hook, drop current color, YO with new color, pull through last two loops on hook, Ch1, Shell in same space with the new color. Colors used in this example: Color A – Turquoise Color B – Pink Color C – Purple Beginning: With Color A, Ch4, SlSt to first Ch to form a ring. Rnd 1: BegShell, Ch1 (Shell, Ch1) 3 times, SlSt to Ch1 of BegShell, this counts as your right side (RS), Ch1, Turn. Rnd 2: Wrong Side (WS) facing, BegShell, Ch1, Shell in last Ch1 space created in Rnd 1, (Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space) 3times, SlSt to Ch1 of BegShell, Fasten off, Turn. Rnd 3: (RS) Beginning with Color B and RS facing, BegShell in any Ch1 corner space, Shell in the space between the next two shells from previous rnd (or next Shell Space). Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in the next Shell Space, CCC in next Ch1 space with Color C, Shell in the next Shell Space, Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in next Shell Space, Shell in starting Ch1 space, Ch1, SlSt to Ch1 of BegShell, Ch1, turn. Rnd 4: (WS) Continuing with Color C, BegShell in last Ch1 space made in rnd 3, Shell in the next 2 Shell Spaces, Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in the next 2 Shell Spaces, CCC in next Ch1 space with dropped Color B, Shell in the next 2 Shell Spaces, Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in next 2 Shell Spaces, Shell in starting Ch1 space, Ch1, SlSt to Ch1 of BegShell, Fasten off both colors, Turn. Rnd 5: (RS) With Color A: Beg Shell in any Ch1 corner space, Shell in the next 3 Shell Spaces, (Shell, Ch1, Shell in the next Ch1 space, Shell in the next 3 Shell Spaces) 3 times, Shell in starting Ch1 space, Ch1, SlSt to Ch1 of BegShell, Ch1, Turn. Rnd 6: (WS) With Color A: Beg Shell in any Ch1 corner space, Shell in the next 4 Shell Spaces, (Shell, Ch1, Shell in the next Ch1 space, Shell in the next 4 Shell Spaces) 3 times, Shell in starting Ch1 space, Ch1, SlSt to Ch1 of BegShell, Fasten off, Turn. Rnd 7: (RS) With Color B and in the same corresponding corner as Rnd 3, BegShell , Shell in the next 5 Shell Spaces, Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in the next 5 Shell Spaces, CCC in next Ch1 space with Color C, Shell in the next 5 Shell Spaces, Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in next 5 Shell Spaces, Shell in starting Ch1 space, Ch1, SlSt to Ch1 of BegShell, Ch1 Turn. Rnd 8: Continuing with Color C, BegShell in last Ch1 space made in rnd 7, Shell in the next 6 Shell Spaces, Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in the next 6 Shell Spaces, CCC in next Ch1 space with dropped Color B, Shell in the next 6 Shell Spaces, Shell, Ch1, Shell in next Ch1 space, Shell in next 6 Shell Spaces, Shell in starting Ch1 space, Ch1, SlSt to Ch1 BegShell, Fasten off both colors. Weave in all ends. Is the pattern. Here is the picture of the squares. I'm a beginner crocheter, I normally knit, but I felt like I could figure this out since it only uses shells. Shells aren't that hard, but this pattern is HARD to figure out. ((Don't bother trying to find it, the person recently closed the blog, luckily I still have the link up.)) So I want to know if someone can help me figure this out cause quite frankly I've TRIED ten times and more in order to make it look decent, and it doesn't WORK. The way that this person is describing what to do, it makes little sense to me. So maybe we can work on it together, alter the pattern so I understand it, and then I can make this like its supposed to go. I've tried the complete shell, the single line to each stitch and it just... I don't know.Its hard to figure out what to do. I really could use the help I want to make one for my mother since I think she would really like it.