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  1. really need this yarn for a project but it’s sold out online and at every store near me. i’m not sure if they would restock any time soon. anybody know where else to get it besides michaels? also willing to buy it from someone if they happen to have it
  2. thank you for the help. it’s actually the straps that makes it too big and i don’t think theres a way to make it shorter without cutting them which wouldn’t work anyways. i have seen a few blogs from people who have made this same top but they all seem to be in other languages. it seems other versions definitely exist somewhere, just odd no one has shared a pattern yet. i could try searching for similar ones and piecing them all together too.
  3. hello! i bought this shirt awhile ago before i knew how to crochet but it ended up being too big and i couldn’t return it so it just sat in my closet for awhile. i’d love to try and remake it now so it would be more my size but i can’t find a pattern for it anywhere. i was hoping someone could either tell me how to make it or knew where i could find a pattern for it somewhere.
  4. Hi there! I’m fairly new to crochet and currently trying to recreate a halter top from a movie (link to a reference photo here, https://images.app.goo.gl/mwyfpoeH5mtbmVuj6 ) But I’m making it completely freehand and I’ve gotten stuck on the part with the white chains that connects the top and the bottom part of the shirt. I have no idea what this is even called so I’ve had no luck trying to look it up. I am hoping someone here can tell me how to make this part or at least knows the name of what this is so I can try looking it up again. Thanks!
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