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My GD's dog won the Cutest Dog contest at the local fro-yo shop out of 50 dogs entered. They offer puppy frozen yogurt (non-dairy) and she loves it. This is just one of her photos used in the contest with the scarf I made her and her pose when she's told to "be cute".


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Thanks everyone. I'll be sure to tell y GD.

This is her prize. And I get the puppy calendar!


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6 hours ago, Tampa Doll said:

What a cutie and WOW what a prize.  That is so cool that you get the calendar.

Thank you Mary Jo. It wasn't a surprise she won. My GD promoted her like she was the dog's agent. LOL. There are several items in the bag that are not visible since they're tucked way down.

I've never been around Pitbulls before, and of course, they're given such a bad reputation because of a select few that are abused and used for the wrong reasons. This little gal is sweet, gentle and loving- always wanting to be petted. I had a Doberman back in the day and everyone was afraid of him because of their reputation. He was one of the most intelligent and gentle dogs I've had the pleasure of having in my life. My German Shepard I had at the same time was a retired K-9 and taught the Dobie so much. Another sweetie too.

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