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Mini stockings for Warmth for Warriors


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On 9/7/2020 at 8:56 PM, bgs said:

Finally got these packaged and ready to mail.20200907_165912.thumb.jpg.feedefd61a3aad10cde367c948367b9f.jpg

Brenda HOW do you ship those Mini Stockings to get a good price on shipping??. I am asking you because you sent a LOT of them many times... I thought maybe by now you figure it out what is the cheapest way..? :).



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Krys I  use huge envelopes purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.  I can stuff about 75 stockings in it and it costs me around $12 to mail them priority at PO.  Its probably not the cheapest but what has worked for me in the past remembering I was in a rural area and basically no internet.  I havent shipped much since moving----- have not even been to our PO. I think I sort of know where its at.  Been mailing from a grocery store.  There is a Ravelry group that sends a lot to PRR.  Some have started using


and now


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