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CGOA Masters Test


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I don't have completed project made from yarn to share but I'm excited/proud of myself right now (lol). I buckled down and forced myself to stay focus for the last 2 weeks and finally finished my CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) Masters test! Its all packed up and ready to send out when they notify me. I've been a Member of CGOA for awhile now and purchase the test about 2years ago and figured it was time to get it done. ( 48 swatches plus questions in a 3" Binder). Thank you for letting me share! :)





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Thank-you everyone!!  

Much to my surprise I have already been contacted by CGOA and they found my first reviewer already so its now on the way to N.C. !  Nervous but excited. :)  I self taught myself through books over 30yrs ago (Before You Tube. lol) And have continued to learn more and more over the years by purchasing online classes and more recently was able to take classes in person at Stitches United conferences when they came to CT. So to pass this is going to be a big deal for me personally. 

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