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"Baby Claudia the Cloud" :)


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"Baby Claudia the Cloud" - 8" in diam. I made that little pillow/toy for my daughters dog Frank. Their toys always need to have a name LOL. Here are some pictures of Claudia-pillow/toy in making. I always sew separate inserts to hold that stuffing. Frank LOVES crochet toys & blankets made with Bernat Blanket Yarn. That yarn feels so soft, fluffy and is thick. Feels like thick Chenille. While ago I made for him a Smiley Face Pillow/toy. Frank really loves that & carry that around with him. Or he will lie down and use that as a pillow under his snout (face).





IMG_0158-24-04-18-10-06 Frank and Claudia 2.jpeg

IMG_0159-24-04-18-10-06 Frank and Claudia 3.jpeg

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That's a super cute cute idea... We have a stuffed mushroom that we had for the cat that we crocheted who seem to make it's way to my mom's dog that visits :)

I tend prefer to make toys for pets that way you can leave out the Bell or the squeaky part as well and best of all they don't cost like 10 bucks

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