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    Married, mother of 2 grown sons. 1 grandson & 2 step-granddaughters.
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  1. TexasPurl

    Touch of Gold Cross

    That's gorgeous! 💕
  2. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Got a little bit done this week. Finished testing with the Perle Cotton for now. Back to #10 thread. WTD +8 Have a Happy Week!
  3. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I got a bit done this week. My score looks great because I'm using some pearl cotton skeins that only have 27 yards each in them. Hey, I'll take + numbers any way I can get 'em. WTD +12 Have a Happy week everyone!
  4. TexasPurl

    June Table 2019

    Love the table MJ! This just made me smile all over.
  5. TexasPurl

    DFC - Wall Hanging

    Thank you!
  6. TexasPurl

    DFC - Wall Hanging

    My new Double-Filet crochet wall hanging, I'm pretty addicted to this technique. This is my own design. It was so fun to watch it come together!
  7. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Another big ol' -0- this week. It's so difficult to use a full ball when working in thread. I finished a Double Filet wall hanging though. It's blocking out now. It's so difficult to use a whole all when working in thread. WTD 0 Have a great week!
  8. TexasPurl

    Howdy from Texas!

    Welcome! Happy to have you join us!
  9. TexasPurl

    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome! Glad you found us!
  10. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Y-T-D standings as of May 2019 🥇 Gold Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa +261 🥈 Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +125 🥉 Bronze Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +53 Making Progress: Inkked0307 +48 KoalaLoveYarn +40 PBLKNP +33 greyhoundgrandma +21 🚀 Shoot the Moon Winner - TexasPurl -305
  11. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Week ending on 05/25/2019 🥇 Gold Medal Winner: KoalaLovesYarn +30 🥈 Silver Medal Winner: Inkked0307 +10 🥉 Bronze Medal Winner: pineknott +9 Making Progress: Ellie 13 (+4) & greyhoundgrandma (+2) Holding Steady: MalisaMeesa, PBLKNP & TexasPurl * 0 * No Shoot the Moon Winner!!! Have a great week! 💖 As we all enjoy this holiday weekend, please take a moment to reflect & thank the courageous souls who made the ultimate sacrifice for their love of our great nation.
  12. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Not too much to report this week. More Excel spreadsheet work on a new locking filet design than actual stitching. Mona, your flower squares are gorgeous! 💕 WTD 0/YTD -305 Hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday weekend.
  13. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    I'm probably headed to the moon this week. I needed another roll of green thread for my current project. I figure I had to buy enough to get free shipping (that's what I keep telling myself). Used one roll of thread but bought 12. WTD -22 Have a fabulous week everyone!
  14. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Pam, your cocoon shrug is fabulous! 💗
  15. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Nothing completed or used up this week. WTD 0 Have a great week everyone!