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  1. Mona - Beautiful shawl & that spare tire cover is superb! Darski - love the pinks! Not a lot of progress this week. I bought 3 balls of thread. WTD -6 Have a great week all!
  2. So sweet!
  3. Just stunning!
  4. Yay finished the tunic. Now to work in the ends and block it.Next project is in thread. Very slow going next week. I'm experimenting with continuous motifs. We shall see how that progresses. WTD +10 / YTD +14 Have a great week!
  5. Wow, those colors are awesome!
  6. Awesome work Darski & Mona! For Foto Friday - I'm getting closer to finished on this tunic.
  7. You're welcome.
  8. Thank you!
  9. Hi Jessica - could you tell me how tall your bear is and would you mind sharing the pattern name? Thanks
  10. Just too stinkin' adorable!
  11. Beautiful work!
  12. I don't know what a Pikachu is, but it's cute!
  13. I put the pattern on my blog, it's a variation of a stitch pattern I saw on YouTube. https://texaspurldesigns.com/2018/06/27/aspiring-nana-blanket/
  14. So pretty!
  15. I believe it to be. I bought this yarn as part of a large lot at an estate sale. Who knows how old it may be. Just washing didn't help much, but I soaked it in fabric softener for 2 hours (because I forgot about it) and it helped a lot.