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  1. Outstanding! I love PK's patterns too. Grace Fearon is also an excellent designer.
  2. TexasPurl

    giveaway: collar patterns

    Thank you!
  3. TexasPurl

    giveaway: collar patterns

    I'd love to have them Mona!
  4. TexasPurl

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Hello All! Lots of work happening, just not getting anywhere using up yarn & thread. WTD +1 Have a great week!
  5. TexasPurl

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Oh Mona! Love that Yule Tree Throw!
  6. TexasPurl

    Hello to All

  7. TexasPurl

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I used 1/2 skein on a toddler tunic. Rolled the other 1/2 in a ball. +1 I'll show a pic but you can't tell anyone it's kn****d!
  8. TexasPurl

    Share your Pinterest crochet board

    I love Pinterest for ideas as well. You have to be careful at times. Too many pirated patterns. I try to keep away from those. Respect the designers. https://www.pinterest.com/TexasPurl/crochet-favorites/
  9. TexasPurl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    I'm so sad you have to deal with all that! 😥 I hope it's resolved soon. Keep on top of the insurance company too. They tend to drag their feet. Keeping you in my thoughts. Thank goodness you saved the yarn!!!
  10. TexasPurl

    Pink Friendship Rose

    Thank you! I estimate 8 hours total. I make a petal or leaf when I have a few minutes to spare & then gather everything together when I'm ready to assemble. Assembly is about 1/3 of the time.
  11. TexasPurl

    Pink Friendship Rose

    Thanks Mary Jo! It's #10 cotton crochet thread. Aunt Lydia's in Shaded Pinks.
  12. TexasPurl

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Mona - the crochet is the easy part. It's not really a pattern I stick to, so I kinda work each petal & leaf as I see fit. The assembly can be difficult only because I get wires crossed and hot glue everywhere but the place it needs to be. I had a good week, just not a lot of yarn or thread used. WTD +4 Have a great week everyone!
  13. TexasPurl

    Pink Friendship Rose

    I've completed another Friendship Rose. It'll be on it's way to the recipient Monday!
  14. TexasPurl

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Darski - those are pretty! My Foto Friday is another Friendship Rose in progress. Should be finished tomorrow. I have a tote bag & an infant dress in progress as well.
  15. TexasPurl

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018 Table & Tree

    Your table looks fabulous! I admire your commitment to change the decor as the seasons change. It takes me some time to feel jolly when I have the A/C running.