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  1. Another week with no progress, next week I may be in the negatives. My friend told me she has another box to send. So excited for that. It's always a mystery box. WTD 0 Have a happy week!
  2. No progress this week. WTD 0 Have a happy week!
  3. Thanks Mary Jo! Yes, you should!
  4. Thanks Reni! This is my 2nd project using her patterns. She's very talented.
  5. Thanks Granny Square! I received several "new to me" doily books recently. Can't wait to start some of them.
  6. Thanks Krys! I love working with it. We all have our favorites, I suppose.
  7. Hello all! I finished the Moonpetals doily this week & I'm still working on the Rozeta CAL. Also made a couple hats with bulky yarn. So happy to have a positive number this week. Mona - hope you have more gojo tomorrow. Get some rest. WTD +8 Have a happy week!
  8. Moonpetals Designer - Julia Hart https://www.draiguna.com/p/moonpetals.html DMC Cordonnet Spécial 20 - Ecru and metallic gold sewing thread. 1.00mm hook Blocked 10”
  9. It's been a quiet week. A small amount of stitching done, but no score again. WTD 0 YTD -619 Have a happy week!
  10. Jessie - I'm working the Rozeta as well. Using thread in Christmas colors for a table centerpiece. I'll only complete it through the circular portion. Can't wait to get the next part.
  11. More stitching this week, still no #'s to post though. WTD 0 Have a happy week all!
  12. Week ending on 10/12/2019 🥇 Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +26 🥈 Silver Medal Winner: owlvamp +9 🥉 Bronze Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +3 Holding Steady: 0 PBLKNP pineknott howieann JustDeb TexasPurl 🚀 Shoot the Moon Winner: greyhoundgrandma -7 Have a happy week! 💖
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