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    Married, mother of 2 grown sons. 1 grandson & 2 step-granddaughters.
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  1. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Jessie - You've certainly had a lot on your plate. Hope everything gets back on track soon! Prayers for a successful surgery & speedy recovery for your daughter.
  2. TexasPurl

    Bangkok Shawl

    Very pretty! 💖
  3. TexasPurl

    Leaping Stripes & Blocks

    That's great! Love the colors. 💖
  4. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Mona - glad y'all made back home. Will keep DH in my prayers. Get some rest! Malisa - good luck with the packing! I made quite a bit of progress this week finishing the kitchen curtain & started a lace tablecloth to be used on a parasol for my sisters wedding shop. As always with thread, takes forever to use a skein. I rolled the remaining thread from the curtain onto a smaller tube for storage. WTD +1 Have a great week everyone!
  5. TexasPurl

    Lazy Cow

    Too cute!! 💖
  6. TexasPurl

    Kitchen Curtain

    Thank you Collette!
  7. TexasPurl

    Kitchen Curtain

    Thanks Mary Jo!
  8. TexasPurl

    Thank You MO FGM

    Thank you MO FGM for the pretty St. Pat's 🍀 card! It put a smile on my face. 💖💖💖
  9. TexasPurl

    Kitchen Curtain

    Thank you!
  10. TexasPurl

    Kitchen Curtain

    Thank you!
  11. TexasPurl

    Kitchen Curtain

    Thank you!
  12. TexasPurl

    Kitchen Curtain

    My new kitchen curtain is hanging! Better than a month in the making, but so fun to make! This is a motif from Duplet #171 2015. Using AL #10, 1.65 hook in Peacock.
  13. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Week ending on 03/09/2019 🥇 Gold Medal Winner: PBLKNP +5 🥈 Silver Medal Winner: TexasPurl +3 🥉 Bronze Medal Winner: KoalaLovesYarn +2 Making Progress: Pineknott +1 Holding On: Greyhoundgrandma, Ellie 13 *0* No Shoot the Moon Winner!!! Have a great week! 💖
  14. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Happy Birthday Pam!