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  1. TexasPurl

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Count me in Katy! I don't collect squares, just joining in on the fun. Birthday is in September. It's not very cool here in Texas this morning, but overcast & yukky. Stopped & donated blood this morning on my way to work. Gotta get back on the horse. There may be a government shutdown, but they're still accepting returns & $$$. Have a great day everyone!
  2. TexasPurl

    Hi from Michigan the water winter wonderland

    Howdy & welcome!
  3. TexasPurl

    C2C Scarf

    So pretty! I love the way the colors transition. 💖
  4. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Hello everyone! Quick fly by to post my weekly score. WTD -1 Have a fabulous week!
  5. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Good morning! I took a short break this morning from work. I was only able to work 2-3 rows each night on the cardigan before I fell asleep in the chair. 😴 At the office by 7 and leaving around 6. Phew! I manage to use 1 of the skeins on the knitted cardigan that I reclaimed from the crochet cardigan. +2 Have a great day!
  6. TexasPurl

    New (sort of)

    Howdy & welcome back!
  7. TexasPurl

    Treasure Boxes

    Thank you!
  8. TexasPurl

    Treasure Boxes

    Thank you!
  9. TexasPurl


    Howdy & welcome!
  10. TexasPurl

    Crochet Christmas Mouse

    Too cute!
  11. TexasPurl

    Crocheting in Louisiana

    Howdy & welcome!
  12. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Mornin'! Great scores everyone! I frogged a cardigan I started right after Christmas. It just wasn't working for me. Just too heavy crocheted in DK yarn. Casting on a knit cardigan now. -4
  13. TexasPurl

    2019 Stashbusting CAL

    Lyn - I hope some yarning will bring some peace to your heart. Thinking of you Darski - So happy to see you back at it. Just a quick fly by to post scores & say hello. The Texans are about to play & the Cowboys play right after. WTD +3 Have a fabulous week everyone!
  14. TexasPurl

    Hello from Brisbane

    Howdy & welcome!