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  1. That's adorable! Frank's pretty handsome too.
  2. Thanks Mona!
  3. Checking in early. Need to get on the road. Barely touched a hook this week. 1 trip to San Antonio, 2 trips to Houston, & sitting in a hotel room in Fort Worth this morning ready to go home (5 more hours I'll be there!). Crazy busy week. 1200+ miles. WTD 0 Y'all have a great week!
  4. Thank you Mary Jo & Terri!
  5. Be STRONG!!! It's okay to look....& touch & smell. lol
  6. Happy Mother's Day everyone! 💖
  7. Welcome to rehab! It's very odd that since joining this thread, I'm very mindful of the yarn purchases I make now. I hope it has the same effect for you!
  8. Sorry you're not feeling great Mona. What fun to get to teach your DIL though! Only completed 1 Shelter Mat this week using 5 balls. Happy Mother's Day all! Have a great week everyone! WTD +5
  9. So cute!
  10. Thank You!
  11. Beautiful!!
  12. Thank You!
  13. Love them!