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Grey beret

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Here's the first wearable item I've made.


It's a beret for my dad, he seemed pretty happy with it (thank god! It's not that easy, trust me.).


It's actually grey, but since my lighting is kinda yellow, it looked brownish on the pic.


Hope it doesn't look too bad for a beginner :P




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Thanks all :) I've knitted a little (like 3 hats and a few scarves) about 10 yrs ago, so I have some rough idea about yarn, lol


Trying to make a shawl for my aunt now, it's mohair and I had NO idea how hard mohair can be! Almost gave up the first day.


But I have a question, I found this shawl on Craftsy, but she didn't give out the pattern, just a picture of it. I managed to figure out how to make it myself.


In this case, if I make a pattern for it, can I call this my own? Or it's still considered as hers?

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If you manage to recreate a pattern from a picture, the pattern still belongs to the original owner.  Only something that you make up from scratch can be considered yours.  At the rate you're going, I have no doubt that you'll be creating your own patterns in no time!  There is a class at Craftsy on designing.  Next time it's on sale, get it.

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