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  1. @ Avon Lady Yes they're made with yarn, that's why I was worried if this post is in the wrong board.
  2. I haven't been making new posts for a week now, but it's only because I've been too busy crocheting. Got a few projects done and I'm pretty happy with the outcome, specially the ring(do you still call it a ring when it's on 2 fingers instead of 1?). Here they are
  3. Hello and welcome~ OMG those are really great! Love the star blanket!
  4. I want to know how to make the hair like this too! They're great!
  5. Hello~ That's a baby cocoon and a hat right? SUPER CUTE!
  6. Thank you all! Now I've gathered all the strength I need! @Renic, I've thought about that too, so I poked the holes towards the side instead of the bottom. That's why it was so hard and came out kinda ugly :S
  7. Okay, this is going to be a wordy post... I've only made 1 shoe so far. But it's just TOO hard and frustrating I need to brag and get some support to gather the courage to start the second one. The reason of this project was... because I have HUGE baby feet... By huge, they're sized 40-42 depends on the model of the shoe while average Chinese women around my height have shoe sizes from 36-38. And by baby, they're super meaty and fragile. Shopping for shoes is really hard, and a lot of the shoes here hate my pinkies. I have this pair of shoes that I've almost never worn for y
  8. Thank you all Crocheting is REALLY interesting, it's crazy that you can create all these different things with such simple material and rather easy technique. It feels like drawing and sculpting with yarn.
  9. Since I've crocheted a beret for my dad, it's only fair to make a hat for my mom as well, so here it is. I've used the same grey yarn, so they can wear it together. But this is a very feminine design. I've got the body, brim and the camellia from different patterns and put them together with some twists of my own. Me and my mom both like the end result, hope you will too Oh, I'm trying to block it, hope it'll hold the shape.
  10. Hello~ Welcome from the other side of the world.
  11. Thank you all! You have no idea how much it meant to me. Love you all~ As for the ME item idea, it sounds really great! But I still have a lot of 'debts' to pay, so I'm thinking maybe every 5 items, haha
  12. Thanks all About yellow, I do think they're growing on me
  13. Woot! Here I come again! (hope you ladies are not bored by me yet ) This is the first crochet item I came up on my own! Feels a bit shy to call it my 'design', but ye, it's MINE, completely mine! The image came from 'Susa-ataris' in the Japanese anime 'Totoro' and 'Spirited Away', they look like this in case you haven't seen those before. As I've been crocheting all these things for friends and family, it felt like the time to make something for myself, after some searching on the internet, I decided to make a key cozy, but found those patterns just a little bit too 'sweet' for my
  14. As I mentioned on my practicing post earlier, I was making a pair of baby shoes for an 1 yr old baby girl. Here's the result! Both patterns were found on the internet and came in a smaller size than I needed. So, on the first attempt (boots with pink flower) , I tried to just add stitches while I go,(I have no idea why it seemed possible at the time) and... they ended up in different sizes, which I have NO idea where did the mistake happened... The second pattern (little sandals)came in 2 sizes, but even the bigger one is still too small, but I managed to find out the rules i
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