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Girly Hats-Beanie's


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Hello again:)


I made two hats-beanies for a little girl. One of them is very bright I am not sure if like that..?.. The bigger question is IF she is going to like that..?. I think that hat could stop the traffic! LOL. I crochet that beanie with dc stitch. That other one ( lilac, white and..) I crochet with sc. I made 2 different flowers for that. Those flowers are removable, I attached a "gator" clips so she can change the flower or remove completely. Those clips are very good, they are holding up great with those little "teeth".

That colorful is acrylic yarn and the other one is cotton.

I don't have a pattern for that. But on Internet must be hundreds of them:)


Happy crocheting:)


PS: That little girl got a big head for her age, it is 21".




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Great hats and love both colors. The little buttons on the brim makes for a nice touch. You are so clever Krys.

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Krys, I do not understand your concern... - That bright color hat is just as stunning as the lilac one! - If I had to choose, I would go with that bright one.

Thank You Ladies very much:)


Eva the more I am looking.. the more I do not like that beanie. Because of those big colorful "blotches" that variegated yarn created. I was thinking if I only used sc instead of dc as I did that probably would worked out different maybe little better. I still did not give those beanies to that  little girl. Because she got a younger brother so I need to crochet a beanie for him too. I can't give to his sister something and not to him. That would not be very nice.


Not too long ago I was even thinking of turning that beanie to a dog toy or a cat (Pandy the cat would probably love that) LOL.. But  maybe I should find out first and see IF that little girl would like that...?.

That would been a pretty big pet toy! LOL. I am sure Pandy would find some usage for that:).


Thanks again:)


PS: I am not very proud of those flowers either, I made them for a different projects last year. Last year I crocheted many Easter Bunnies & I just made too many flowers...I needed one for each Bunny.

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