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  1. Krys, I do not understand your concern... - That bright color hat is just as stunning as the lilac one! - If I had to choose, I would go with that bright one.
  2. Both look so fresh and breezy...The blush color is amazing.
  3. Wow! - Nothing goes to the waste! - So cool looking. Love it.
  4. There you go girl! - What a smart idea, have to it myself too. Nice work.
  5. Very creative!...Absolutely like those!
  6. Sounds like a plan, Krys Now, everything looks even better....
  7. Really? - I thought it's impossible to make something like this...So adorable. I can't even decide which one I like better.
  8. Wow! - That's striking. - I love sunflowers!
  9. Now I can tell it's all about details! - Beautiful!
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