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Cell Phone Id Case

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First test project not too bad..:O) it is for me for work....


1-Crochet Cell Phone Case

2-Create Id Pocket & Sew Button to Id Pocket & then sew to cell phone case using the free loops on the cell phone case.

3-Create button flap up until button part make sure it will reach just above button area when sewed in place then sew in place then create the button loop part... and keeps id cards inside pocket. 


Kind of a pain when you are trying to figure it out will be easier the 2nd time around :O)



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:ty been using it for a little while & I Love it......works great....plus I can just make another one anytime and the cost is zero as I will just use whatever yarn is laying around that is not being used...if I needed to by yarn say cotton $1.77 at walmart for one skein project...very cheap

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