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  1. So, since I am not sure I will be able to post next week, here is everything. Please count this for the YTD in the end too! WTD: +4, YTD: +78
  2. Wound 4 balls, finished 1, so WTD: +5 YTD: +74 I don't know yet how I'm going to finish the year here, we are leaving for Uganda next Saturday, so obviously we won't have much internet there. Can I just post my year scores next Friday, assuming I won't get any higher scores?
  3. Yarn scores for the week ending at 11/12: Gold medal winner: Inkked0317 +34 Silver medal winner: ShanaEirin +10 Keeping constant: yarnscrapper 0 Ellie 13 0 greyhoundgrandma 0 PBLKNP 0 Getting that stash enhanced: howieann -17 Shoot the moon winner: MalisaMeesa -31
  4. WTD: +10 Ended up winding 8 balls and finished one skein. I will be posting the scores in a bit, it's been a crazy day. And looked up the YTD: 69
  5. And received the package... 7 skeins of fuzzy yarns and one mini skein Catona! Down I go... wound another skein, so, -14
  6. Sorry, I was a bit too busy, so will come back this week For now: -1, wound one skein, finished another, and just received my granted wish from Instagram. Gorgeous yarn! Will receive more tomorrow, as I have been translating for a Dutch designer in exchange of yarn for her designs. Lol, that actually makes +1...
  7. I have been away from home for a while, so I have totally forgotten how many skeins I've bought and wound, so I will just take the score from this week that I do remember, as it's a nice 0... WTD: 0 YTD: +73
  8. Donated 2 skeins, wound 3 balls (yarn winder, yay!) and bought 4. I am pretty done with fairs for now, though, so I should be able to start finishing skeins again. -1
  9. Score for the week ending October 30, 2016 Gold Medal Winner: pineknott +6 Silver Medal Winners: Ellie 13 & ShanaEirin +4 Bronze Medal Winners: greyhoundgrandma, Inkked0317 & jessicali +2 Holding steady: yarnscrapper 0 Shoot the moon Winner: SamT87 at -5!
  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I appreciate it I have actually spent over a year on the pink one, several months on the knit one and a few weeks on the blue Arvai one. It's a big difference whether the yarn is thick, or the hook you use, and the pattern.
  11. Thought I would show off my gorgeous yarns, that will surely make me the Shoot the Moon winner this week. Gorgeous, so happy with them!
  12. So as a sort of last minute decision I went to the knitting days in Zwolle, and had such a wonderful time. There were free lectures, paid workshops, a swapping station, knitting doctors, yarn tastings, and tons and tons of yarn. It was so amazing, I had great talks with knitters, and was able to participate in a lecture and a yarn tasting. (Sorry, not counting the mini balls of yarn i got there) All in all, I bought 6 skeins and traded 2, so -12. Oooooh such wonderful, glorious yarn! WTD: -12 YTD: +62
  13. Winners of the week 9-16 October: Gold medal winner: Inkked0317 -- +9 Silver medal winner: howieann -- +2 Holding steady: Pineknott ShanaEirin PBLKNP Shoot the moon winner: greyhoundgrandma at -6!!! I am early for the people in the USA, as I live in Europe, so I will adjust any scores where necessary!
  14. Hi everyone, I am Tirza, from the Netherlands, and I started making project bags in June. It started with getting a cat, which made me reluctant to leave my projects around, just in case she got interested in my yarn. For several months I just used zip lock bags, but then I saw sewn project bags on a podcast, so I started to make my own. I make all my own patterns from scratch, and months of trying to improve and finding the best way to do it resulted in my current 4 sizes: notions pouch, standard bottomless, standard and XXL. I don't currently have all four stocked, but I do make them. Anyway, I have also been experimenting with different fabrics, resulting in a mix of styles, from modern, cute and colorful to vintage (from scraps bought in thrift stores and such). Coincidences led to finding my own style. I line all my bags with a soft blue cotton, I always use colorful and daring blind zippers, and I always attach my trademark butterfly as a charm to my bags. I have now realised I can also make the charm double as a stitch marker, so that is new. Well, I am guessing I don't have much more to say, wall of text and all. Loads of information can be found on my Etsy shop or website, and I post a ton of my work on Instagram, which you can also find on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePurpleLadyDesigns
  15. First shipment of yarn arrived: -14. Still annoyed they didn't have 3 of the colors I ordered, so I had to cancel those. Biggest yarn store of the Netherlands, and they refused to ship in 2 packages with the missing yarns later, as that would be "too expensive for them", even though I ordered quite a bit of stuff. So I cancelled those 3 skeins, which annoys me greatly, as now I have to order them elsewhere, having to pay shipping AGAIN! Then on top of them having wrong information on their site and refusing to do anything proper about it, they had terrible pictures and description of a circular knitting needle, so I got a very cheap plastic looking set that is worse than anything I've ever used. Argh, so annoyed. Will not be ordering there again. Hopefully the other package of yarn I hope to receive later today will be much better. Really excited for that one, new yarns to try out! Sorry for the rant. I just hardly ever order yarn, and when I do, I expect it to be wonderful.
  16. WTD: +2, YTD: +111 This will be lower next week, as I just ordered 5 10g mini skeins (which i will count as balls) of a new yarn, some cotton merino for a shawl, some baby merino to try out, and 3 skeins of yarn for those fair isle socks I've been wanting to be able to make for years. Yay birthdays!
  17. Finished a skein of sock yarn, so +2 so far, but it's my birthday on Saturday, so we shall see what happens...
  18. Used a skein of stonewashed this week. So +2 probably.
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