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  1. Hi! Welcome! Fellow 25 year old nerd here, although I'm more of a nerd in the traditional sense, even though I am also a huge fan of Star Wars. You made me laugh about your comment of not being able to crochet and read at the same time! I am annoyed at that too, because I wanna make reading college textbooks less boring... I like reading too much to want to combine it with crochet if it is for fun though, I like immersing myself deeply. Anyway, welcome, hope you feel yourself at home!
  2. I would love to get exercise while I crochet, but I crochet for my enjoyment, not my own torture, so I suffice myself with sitting on the couch with my blanket <3 Preferably with a good tv show of course!
  3. I mostly learned from a crochet book, and then I discovered all the YouTube videos... So essentially I taught myself. Best thing I've ever done for myself!
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