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Christmas tree hat


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A few years ago I made a turkey hat for Thanksgiving and it was such a hit when I brought it back out this year that I decided all major holidays are going to need a special hat. First up... Christmas!  :ctree  :ctree  :ctree



On display on the foam head (pardon the crafty mess that shares the table). 



Modeled by yours truly and lit up!  :hbulb


Tree based off of this pattern... Increased a few extra times then worked even a few repeats, then did a fpdc/bpdc for the base. Green is I Love This Yarn (can't remember the exact color), brown is RHSS Cedar and yellow was RHSS. Star pattern here.


Battery operated lights from Walmart, poked in between stitches on the front side only, metallic pompoms for ornaments, Stuffed the tree part, crocheted a circle and sewed that in between the tree and the base to keep the stuffing in and added a pocket there for the battery pack. 


Not sure if I'll do Valentine's Day or not, and no time for New Years, but I already have plans for St. Patrick's Day! 

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My plan for St. Patrick's Day does involve a pot of gold! I was definitely thinking about a giant egg for Easter. We don't typically go anywhere but with Peanut getting older, maybe we'll have an egg hunt or something to go to. The heart fascinator is a genius idea!! The wheels are spinning and that's dangerous!  :D

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Thanks everyone!  :)


AWESOME! I have a Christmas tree hat too, but it's not as cool as yours. I love that pattern.


When you wear a funny hat, people can be all grumpy in store checkout lines, then they start smiling.


When we left to go to my cousins' house for dinner, our nextdoor neighbor was leaving to go visit his mom in the nursing home. She had a stroke right before Christmas and you could tell he was happy to have his quiet Christmas with his wife but wasn't happy about visiting his poor mom in a nursing home. His face lit up when he saw my hat though, and it's small but it made me happy.  :yes

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