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Cancer Awareness Ribbon Beanie

crabby rat

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I made this hat for a friend who shaved her head in support of her Grandma.  Her Grandma is prepping for chemotherapy to fight lung cancer.  The awareness ribbon color for lung cancer is white, so I made this in white.  You can find the original pattern HERE.  I did have to make my own notes because the pattern as written was very confusing to me after Round 6.  Anyway, I really like how it turned out, and Jessica really loves it, too.  So does everyone who has seen it on the Book of Faces.  LOL  I even have orders for some... what have I gotten myself into??  :rofl



Here is a side view showcasing one ribbon (there are five ribbons around the beanie)



this view shows two ribbons



here is the top of the hat



and here is Jessica wearing it



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Is there anyway to get the pattern for this hat? My good friend has cancer and has fallen in love with it. She asked me to make it for her, but it seems to have disappeared everywhere.
Would you be willing to share your pattern, with notes ;), crabby rat?  I would so very much appreciate it.  Her hair is just starting to fall out, and I don't want to disappoint her. :(


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