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  1. Wow. It's been over a month since I posted. I didn't even realize it had been that long... Anyhoozle... A few weeks ago, I found a couple skeins at the Salvation Army Store. They looked lonely, and even though I didn't have anything in mind for them, I went ahead a bought them and brought them home with me. Then, a friend of mine was over for some anti-anxiety conversation, and fell in love with those two little skeins, so I told her to take them home with her. Apparently, the reason I bought them was so she could have them - and I knew the reason would be a great one! Ther
  2. Happy Easter! We had Favorite Book Character dress up day at school this week, and I went as the Lorax. I made a hat for the outfit, which used up 3 skeins of yarn (those tiny skeins of eyelash/feather type yarn) and rolled a skein down to a small ball... Then last night that small ball ended up all strung out and outside ~ not exactly sure how that happened, but we had family here and extra kids, so some sort of nefarious scheme was probably afoot! My final score for the week is: WTD +8 I'm pretty sure my year score is: YTD +12 On my phone so no fancy text or bright c
  3. Guess what?!?! Go on, guess.... I hooked enough to use up countable yarn this week!!! I rolled a skein into a ball... No, it's not much. But it's SOMETHING - which is better than nothing, right? So, my big bright beautiful score is: WTD +1 week ending Valentine's Day Eve...
  4. I crocheted three rounds on my Tides of Change (only rounds 10, 11 and 12, so not too many stitches) only to check my progress by counting those not-too-many stitches and found that I completely forgot the increases in round 11... so, frogged the last two rounds that I had just put on there. Oh, well, it felt great to hook for a while anyway. Nothing used up, though. Again. WTD 0
  5. On my phone, so no fancy font or bright colors... I did some crocheting in the car this afternoon, but still not enough to count... WTD 0 / YTD 0
  6. I was going to do something yarny today. I promise, I was. I have zero inspiration, so I can't tell you what that yarny thing might have been, but it's a moot point anyway because it never happened... Perhaps tomorrow. We shall see. I also have things I need to do for my job tomorrow, and I suppose that needs to happen first. LOL WTD 0
  7. Looks like you matched your score to the inches of snow! LOL Be careful out there...
  8. I actually crocheted a few stitches today while in the car on our way to my mother in laws' 75th birthday celebration! Not enough to count, but those are the first stitches of the year for me, so I'm excited about that... Using my phone, so nothing fancy font-wise. WTD 0 zero zilch nada zip
  9. Same ol' same ol' for me - nothing used up and nothing gained... this is getting boring, so I think I should start using up some yarn!! LOL WTD 0
  10. Nothing used and nothing gained... Starting off the year just like I ended last year - with a Goose Egg!! WTD 0
  11. That's gorgeous! I'd call it a doily poncho or something. Wearable Art...
  12. Sherry - that turned out great!! I'm sure they're gonna love it!!
  13. I'm loving all the RR's I'm seeing! Hopefully soon I can get started on my first one!
  14. Wow, that's pretty!! My 7-year-old is sitting here looking with me, and he says, "Wow, that's awesome!"
  15. I may as well pop in on this CAL, too, right? I mean, I've been wanting to make a RR for a while, and I'm in the Stashbusting CAL, so this should give me more motivation to go ahead and pull the yarn out and get started on it!! Thanks!!
  16. I am old enough to remember rotary phones and TV that went off the air in the middle of the night... channels that didn't come in crystal clear (ie, "snowy"), being the remote control (instead of finding the remote - it was Mel, see what's on channel "whatever")... I remember when Atari first came out, and when the regular Nintendo was the latest in gaming technology! I remember Beta players (before VCR's) and 8-track tapes... you know, waaay before mp3 players... I remember when we didn't have computers in the home, and now we have 3 desktops and 2 laptops (and that's just between my husband
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