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    We retired to FL from N.J and I still miss it there.
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  1. As there are a lot of similar frpg patterns for sale I would make sure I had the info correct. I found numerous sale ones but none free though. There have been times ( I am not saying this is one though) that someone assumed the free one was the original when it really wasn't. all I'm saying is to get all the facts first before doing anything. If you already have them that's good.
  2. The motifs are round but it's hard to tell from the picture. I cut it to show what It looks like to me.
  3. This is a bedspread in thread but sounds like what you are looking for. rose
  4. Yea trying to stop thinking about it is not working. ha ha. I was thinking along those lines too but thats also what confuses me as it says across to corner, which is hard to know what corner and there are a number of squares similiar that do that. square
  5. That's what I got but I also wonder If that's the first row/rnd or what row/rnd it is as it says to sc in sc sk sc etc. so there must be another one or more before that one.
  6. Finding it hard to crochet now so am searching the web instead for a pattern with something like this. I wondered and thought maybe it could be a round on a fancy square and I did find a few that have something like it. Its a mystery that I wish the OP would return and solve.
  7. sometimes * show up in strange places and dont mean what we think and we have to guess what they mean or there might be something missing from the directions here.. In this case to repeat from the * wouldn't make sense to me. Before the first [ you have 4 ch 3 sections then the ch 5 etc. with 4 more ch 3 sections so if you repeat between them it will be in sequence. sorta reminds me of the jacobs ladder but different. Could be a baby blanket by looking at the OP's profile. She hasn't been back I wish she would and answer our questions.
  8. I agree I think it's (sc, ch 3, skip 2) 3 times. But there are [ ] so wouldn't the repeat be between them. this would make it more uniform Ch 1,(sc,ch 5, sc) in same st, ch 3 * skip next 2 sc,(sc in next sc, ch 3, skip next 2 sc ) 3 times,>> [ sc in next sc, ch 5, skip next sc, (sc in next sc, ch 3, skip next 2 sc) 4 times ] << repeat between brackets across to corner.
  9. Is this it? pug
  10. Granny Square I like what you are doing. I have started one similiar to the motif . I don't know the stitch counts so I can only gues although mine isn't as good as I am slowing down a lot.
  11. Granny Square I like what you are doing. I have started one similiar to the motif . I don't know the stitch counts so I can only gues although mine isn't as good as I am slowing down a lot.
  12. For the first rnd I did the clusters all around and then for the second rnd I did a 3 petal flower in top of a dc with a dc in top of the next dc etc. It will look more rounded when done as the pattern.
  13. I tried it and I did the first rnd of clusters sideways and then the next rnd for the 3 other petals. This is just for how the petals are done, but the motif has a dc in between. I am doing that now. The picture isn't good though as I have a sore finger from a dogs tooth. edit remove picture right one later on.
  14. It's always fun looking for the state and I also learn some interesting things. I think I have it and the recipient. Loved the last picture.
  15. I am curious Please say what you are making and give the row/rnd directions as written.