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  1. You arent using a chain to start but a ring you make and then do you 8dc in that ring. magic ring
  2. I agree. It's a shame there seem to be more that do that on foreign sites too.
  3. Heres a site that has that with ch 3 in corners. top
  4. I tried to find the original picture of the sweater but couldn't. I could be wrong but It looks to me like it was a sweater for sale at one time, and someone decided to make a similiar pattern and that's why they don't match. Hi redrosesdz
  5. it means to do a cluster in the third stitch from the one you are now using. 2dc ch 2 2dc all in same stitch means after you do the first dc in the stitch do another ch 1 then do 2dc all next to each other in that same stitch. You need to remove the comments section from the post also.
  6. yes the picture is a different stitch and is more open than the diagram.
  7. This is related to this post. sweater It might be where the op of that post got her directions when she asked about the extra 3 which turned out to be just for row 3. I don't know about the pattern but the pictures and the diagram don't match. look in the comments section here [link removed] someone gives the directions for the sweater pictured. I went over the directions and the diagram and they do match except for row 2 leave out the ch 3 at the end. if you wanted to make that one you just won't have a picture to see it.
  8. Heres a pattern that has those directions but here it shows the 3 as row 3. There is a diagram which doesn't match the directions as it doeant have the ch 3 there. Also the pictures show a diffferent pattern so I wonder what her pattern is. boho sweater
  9. Rereading the pattern there might be a different way they did it. Checking into it more. I am trying the tr's around the ch 5's and sl st more like the pattern states.
  10. '..>>Rnd 3: working around next 2 ch-5 sps and next slip st, (3tr, ch1, 3 tr, ch2, 3 tr, ch1, 3 tr) in ch-3 sp on Rnd 1, * slip st in next Cluster on Rnd2, working around next 2 ch-5 sps and next slip st (3tr, ch1, 3 tr, ch2, 3 tr, ch1, 3 tr) in ch-3 sp on Rnd 1; repeat from * 2 times more, working around going slip st, slip st in same cluster as previous joining: 12 sps.<<< I managed to get it from the Amazon link as it is #1 Yes it does leave alot to the crocheter to figure out. rnd 2 isnt very good either as you do the clusters across the tr which isnt explained.
  11. Please say where you got the pattern.
  12. I am also praying for those in FL and elsewhere. We have been without power since about midnight. We are just outside the evacuation line in Sebastian Fl and have had strong winds and rain since yesterday. It is starting to get better now. My son in law has the generator going and boy is that thing noisy.
  13. It looks to me like the puff stitches are in the middle part and maybe some of the later rows.....Its very nice.
  14. As there are a lot of similar frpg patterns for sale I would make sure I had the info correct. I found numerous sale ones but none free though. There have been times ( I am not saying this is one though) that someone assumed the free one was the original when it really wasn't. all I'm saying is to get all the facts first before doing anything. If you already have them that's good.
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