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My newest design, The Christmas Pageant, became available today!






Reenact the birth of Jesus with your very own theatrical production!


Crochet Pattern includes directions for all Costumes (fit 5” Lots of Love Dolls), Costume for Baby Jesus (fit baby in Barbie Baby Sitter), Theater Stage, Flats, Grassy Field, Platforms, Buildings, Props, Curtains & Sign so that you can create your own play.


Costumes included are:

  1. Mary
  2. Joseph
  3. Baby Jesus
  4. Little Boy Jesus
  5. Shepherd
  6. Shepherd Boy
  7. Speaking Angel
  8. Baby Choir Angel with Harp
  9. Baby Choir Angel with Xylophone
  10. White Sheep
  11. Black Sheep
  12. Donkey
  13. Camel
  14. Star
  15. Magi with Frankincense
  16. Magi with Myrrh
  17. Magi with Gold
  18. Inn Keeper
The theater production was fun to create.  I loved working with the little dolls.
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Oh how beautiful! I would have loved this when I was little, I probably would have spent hours rearranging these little folks.


What a wonderful way to teach children what Christmas is all about, thank you!


I may have to do a "starter set" for a few families i have in mind... it would be nice to keep adding new figures every year.


That little sheep is the most adorable thing, may have to make it for myself...lol.

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Yay!!!! it's amazing!!!! I'm putting this on my wish list :manyheart  I guess I need more dolls... :lol But the idea is fantastic, and the baby abnimals are sooooo cute!

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