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  1. Afghaniac... You have waaay more patience than me! I'll fiddle and fuss with teeny little crochet hooks and thread, but for some reason, I can't pick up a needle and thread of any kind. I've even crocheted those darn motives together, I usually give up part way thru (I have a beautiful hex throw over a corner chair - picture perfect- except it's missing a third of it's hexes that should be hanging down the back, I only did enough to make it look nice on the chair, How bad is that?) Now that I think about it, I wonder if Mrs N's aversion to sewing came down to me? HMmmm She soured me on mak
  2. FWIW- a long time ago, I asked the lady that taught me how to crochet if she would show me how to make a granny square. They were "In" back then in the '60's, everything you can imagine was made from grannies... Pantsuits, jackets, purses... everything! She had been my crafting/sewing/cooking 4-H leader for years and knew me better than I knew myself, I think. She asked me if I wanted to crochet or sew... I told her I wanted to crochet. Lucky for me, she had some squares already done and sat me down in her sewing room and carefully showed me how to stitch them together. That hour of linin
  3. Came across this tutorial, pretty interesting, shows how to make a really cute ballet type slipper using the soles from a flip flop. I think I'll give it a try!
  4. I recently picked up a fake suede man's jacket at the Goodwill for $4.00. It was like brand new, also says machine washable. I'm hoping to be able to cut several soles from it, not sure if it will work, but I'll give it a try. I remember years ago Mom used to buy fake leather/suede elbow patches for my father's wool shirts. I was thinking of using those, putting two pieces on the sole of each slipper, one on the toe and a smaller piece on the heel section. I never did find them in any stores, I just happened to find this jacket first and decided to give it a try. The elbow patches may wor
  5. Looks nice! Sometimes you just have to dive in and give it a try, keep in mind there are no "wrongs" if it works out okay, you can just say it is part of the 'design'... lol. Enjoy!
  6. When you start fooling around with increases and shells, it changes the look of your pattern,,, it's scary to me and I avoid it unless I'm following a set pattern. (maybe that's why no one answered you yet, lol. Sometimes you can slip in an extra chain, but that gives a more open look to your result, not what you would want in a skirt. You notice a lot of crocheted skirts have a flounced hemline, the skirt is pretty straight, with a flouncy edge. If the skirt is a full skirt, it's often done in pineapples, which can be increased easily (easier) starting from the waistline, working down to
  7. Okay... I'm in.. and I'm putting it in writing!! I need to start? or finish? that Nativity set. I've made a few pieces, just 3 or 4, but I haven't seen them lately. I did catch my cat using my precious little sheep as a toy, for heaven's sake!, and I rescued it, but that was a few months ago. I hid it from her (and me) and have no idea where I hid it! Anyway.. I am going to get busy on the rest of the pieces.
  8. I'm going to take a guess, and say it will dry clear, only going from the past experience we had making Halloween masks with it. We saturated fabric in the Stiffy and stuck it those cheapy mask forms, it dried nice and clear Give it a shot with your blow dryer to speed things up, it should only take a few minutes.
  9. What a great outfit! Those pieces can be used in so many ways, too. Love that ice cream cone eraser, good idea, and looks good enough to eat, too!
  10. Yesterday I was working on five, yep, five, booties at once - does that count as "multiples"?? I'm making them for twins, maybe it would help if I followed a pattern exactly the way it says, but I started to improvise on the first ones i made and now I'm trying to get two pair that look alike and are the same size. I'm having an awful time getting these last 3 to look exactly like those first two I made. It seems that eventually something should match up, in the meantime, I stuffed them all in a bag for another day. Maybe I need to get rid of the first two and try to make 'em match
  11. I love the whole process, choosing a pattern, picking out the yarn-either finding just the right skeins in my stash or opening that box that UPS has just delivered. I can't wait to get started on a new project, my bags of WIP's show that, lol, I just love starting those first few rows to see how the pattern develops. Crochet keeps me learning new things- Along the way, I try the new tricks i've learned on Youtube or here on the 'Ville, like foundation rows, or a pretty shell stitch i've seen somewhere. I seldom/never follow a pattern all the way thru, I'm always looking to change something
  12. So adorable, color goes perfect with her blond hair, too
  13. Not sure if this is the exact red color, but Premier yarn has a Crimson, too. I discovered this company on the internet last year, can't remember how, and they are in NC. Their Big Ball is 16oz, and only $9.99. It's so soft, I love it. I've used it for several projects, that pound of yarn is handy! I have several colors, but not the crimson, so I can't say for sure how that "feels"... I like it so much more than other pound skeins, they seem so scratchy compared to this. You can call the website's 800 number, they are really helpful, even telling me what colors go together in their Eve
  14. Just a bit off topic.... This isn't going to help your search, but you may find it interesting....A bit of history from Coats, Their early cotton thread was very coarse and wiry, suitable only for hand sewing. In the 1860's they developed a softer thread that could be used in the recently invented sewing machines. It was known as Our New Thread or the ONT that soon became part of their trademark. It is still used today,150 years later! I have many old advertising and trade cards from the late 1800's that show the old advertisements from Coats and Clark, pretty interesting. They were passe
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