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  1. Answering the Challenge- from Premier yarns , I know i'll make this baby afghan, it uses their Big Ball, a really nice quality yarn, comes in a pound skein .. makes a nice $10 baby gift... Probably will put in a big yarn order with them right after the New Year. Cabled slipper socks.... will make soon, it's cold feet season! I'll use some yarn i have here in the stash, probably Premiers Ever Soft ... I love this yarn, nice and soft, but thick and the price is right, too... best inexpensive yarn there is, I think. I might give this chunky basket a go, making a couple or 5 in different colors, I've had my eye on this pattern for 6 months and have had the yarns for at least twice as long... using up some old stash that is too coarse to do anything else with, or some old Red Heart I have here, This Doggie coat looks good, and I need to start this in the next few days. I have DeborahNorville's yarn here already and in red... perfect! That's just a quick glance at the Premier patterns, I always check there first, then poke around Lion brand next... I know I'll be making 5 afghans this year and at least 10 hats, a couple of sweaters or vests, some mittens, some scarves, some baby things, also some knit socks and mittens, too. and a bunch of doilies,,, I may use 10 of their over 200 crochet patterns. I make whatever I decide to start that morning... if I have the yarn, fine, If I don't I may order it or put it off til I have a good sized yarn order. I usually do a pretty big yarn order every other month to get the afghan/sweater yarns I need and then just get some odds and ends to add to the stash. I always get a couple of Big Balls in basic colors to have on hand for adding stripes, or trim or making a few smaller projects,, just so handy to have and it's a nicer quality than some of the pound skeins. I'm a pattern collector.. I've got 40 years of patterns and books here... Seems I go back to the old stand-bys, tho, when it comes down to actually picking up the hook and yarn, I know the sweater patterns that work for me, and the hats and mittens I can do with just a glance at the pattern because I've made so many of them. I usually only look for a pattern if It's for something I haven't made in a while or I want to try something new.. I'm a firm believer is staying with the old tried and true patterns, that I know will work without driving me crazy. If I can't easily figure it out, I'll just drop it and find another pattern that works,... it amazes me how I see people struggle with the first few rows of a poorly written pattern when there are so many available. Just a note- Stitches East was just a half hour away and the previous weekend was the New England Fiber Festival, about 5 minutes from my house. I considered going to each of them, especially seeing how people were traveling from all over the country to get here. I could have put on my knitter's hat and wandered thru, but I'm now only a sock and mitten knitter, everything else I crochet. I still don't like the way we crocheters are treated at yarn stores, and I have tossed my sock yarn selections back on their counter after hearing their snide remarks when choosing yarn for a crocheted vest or sweater... I can get all the help I need to pick out a single ball of sock yarn, but as soon as I mention I need 10 skeins to *crochet* a vest, everything changes... Oh well, thankfully I can buy all the yarn I want online. They don't seem to care if I use a hook or 2 needles, my money is still green to them.
  2. I love shopping at Aldi's. They recently opened two stores in nearby towns, so it's either a 7 or 9 mile ride. I should be on their payroll, because I tell everyone about how much they can save there and how quick and easy it is to run thru their store... There's no comparison shopping, you buy what they have, and they only have one of each product. I've never had any problem with their brand either, except I think their cream of mushroom soup is lousy. Milk is 1.50 cheaper, per gallon, than the corner dairy store, crackers and any type of chips are all inexpensive, so are their cereals. I figure I save a $80-100 easily by shopping there every few weeks. We don't get our meat there, I figure our Aldi's savings allows us to splurge at the local little meat store... so it probably all evens out. Fyi, they sell a huge tub of ice cream for $6, it's yummy, too! Apple pie, frozen to bake at home, really delicious with a crumb topping,,,$3.49. Saltines 89 cents,, jar of molasses, less than $2. so is their butter! Big savings on everything! We do buy stuff we would normally pass by on our fixed income, they have lots of yummy tempting imported cookies and candy, nice that they are affordable and we can toss a few imported treats in the carriage without that guilt I used to have. Be sure to bring your reusable bags, they don't have bags unless you buy them.. I keep a couple of laundry baskets in the car, too, makes sorting and carting the stuff in a lot easier. Best part? Door to door, shopping is all done in just less than an hour! and half that time is spent in the car. Still wish they would put me on their payroll, for all the kudos i give them!
  3. Oh, MaryJo, these are beautiful! Love the rich gold and green outfit that Faith is wearing... gorgeous! A beautiful pair of angels, so perfect for Christmas!
  4. mattenylou


    are you looking for American Girl type patterns? Try the search at the top of the page, this will bring up a lot of threads that will start you in the right direction.. There are some AG patterns in the Free Pattern directory, you can get the link in the toolbar above under Patterns. If you are searching google, try "AG crochet patterns" good luck!
  5. How cute! Nice to see a little boy doll, too! Hope to see him in his reindeer outfit!
  6. You are so talented, wow, only crocheting for 3 years! So happy to see you posted a video and are doing a book on your lovely work!
  7. I keep a birthday cake candle in my little box of supplies, just a few gentle rubs and then rub it in with the warmth of my fingertips, Use a tissue to remove an extra if you think you have used to much. I've always liquid floor wax, self shine, on my brand new wood or bamboo knitting needle sets I make from shish kabob skewers or dowels - use them for socks and mittens - it seals them nicely and I can't get a set of DP needles any cheaper than that... easy to replace if one breaks, too, but I always make extra... and in every size i can find skewers and thin dowels in. (glue a button on the end for single point)
  8. lovely!! I Love the leaves and flowers, just added it to my wishlist!
  9. That's a beauty! How could anyone not notice, it's an eyecatcher! Years ago I wanted to make one for our Jeep, never got to it...
  10. I always use a white glue/water solution. I keep a plastic container handy and just drop them in as I make them and them spread them out in small batches to dry. I also sprinkle them with that snowy glitter when they are still wet, they come out nice. I used the sugar solution years ago, something chewed on them while they were stored away, so give a warning to your giftees not to pack them in the attic. This page has a lot of info on stiffening them, I'm sure you can get some help there.
  11. Great Santa hat, he'll be a darling helper!
  12. So pretty! i'm sure she treasures it, too.
  13. How cute, nice that you get them a book, too. Reading along with their new monkey toys will be such fun for them!
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