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Craft fair

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I am going to participate in a fall craft fair selling my crochet and hand sewn items. Can any of you offer some advice on what to crochet that would be a hit? I am going to sew coffee cozy and crochet swiffer covers, coasters, etc.


Any advice and suggestions are appreciated!


Thank you!


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Lots of small inexpensive items; bookmarks, dishcloths, potholders, stuffed toys,scarves, hats, holiday items

Not too much of any one item-variety is better

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well it sort of depends who you think might be there to buy! I have done craft fairs were there were lots of young families so small simple toys sold well....other times it was mainly older people so dish cloths and bath scrubbies went well....also depends on the sort of weather you have in your location....hats and scarves for colder seasons . I got a ton of the small elastic things for girls hair and crocheted eyelash yarn onto them and sold them in little bags of 5, they flew off the table! lol I have also made hair bands and bookmarks and small items ....you could take a few larger pieces just to see if they go....I have sold some baby blankets but mainly they just get admired and not brought! :) good luck and have fun!

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Even in the fall if you have small items people will put them away for the holidays. DH and I visit lots of craft shows starting in the fall and having a range of items that will sell can be helpful. Toys, dolls clothes, etc. are not as common around here as the house items. If I ever go the table route I am thinking of going that route.

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I agree with those who said to make sure to have a good range of prices -- keeping the majority under $20 for sure and probably even better under $10. Most craft show purchases are impulse buys and those are best in under $10 category. Some may come looking for an afghan or apparel that cost a lot more but keep them to a minimum and maybe display as special order taking only. I used to sell my samples but ask them if I can keep them on display until the end of the show and then deliver them.


Big sellers for me were:

-crochet top towels -- lots of repeat customers on these!

-potholders in lots of today's colors (brights are big now) or specialty ones like the watermelon/orange slices or flowers


-Curly snakes for the kiddies can also be bookmarks when you add a straight section(keep them small so you can sell for $1)

-Butterfly fridgies (not sure they'd be as big now, but I used to make rent with these small $1 items!)

-Baby bottle covers (I bought cheap bottles and sold them with the cover)

-Baby rattles

-Baby layette set (I'd always have a couple of baby afghans and at least one layette set with booties, hat, & sweater -- but they were not big sellers, more special order)

-Door Draft Stoppers -- I had a Raggedy Ann doll pattern (from Crochet Collections book by Leisure Arts) that sold well

-Bride Doll made from http://www.bonanza.com/booths/churchmouse/items/Musical_Bride_Crochet_13__Music_Box_Doll_Pattern and would sell a couple at each show ($45 and this was @ 10 years ago so I'd price more now) -- it is one of those that you might want to keep one on display and take orders.

-Bassinet/Cradle Dolls (make the simple ones like this http://beadedsocks.net/CradlePattern.html)


-Slouchy Berets (these are BIG right now and you will probably be able to sell all you make)

-Fingerless Gloves (Again -- big item now that texting is such a necessity -- be sure to have them in colors to match your berets and you'll sell ssome as gift sets)

-Fancy Thread Bookmarks --these make nice gifts

-Name Doilies -- I used to bring my own framed name doily and set it up to take orders for others. I sold them without frame, they had to do their own framing. Can't thread crochet now but I bought one for a gift recently from another crocheter -- they go from $15 to $50 depending on letters, pattern and seller.

-Pet items [anything from collars, leashes, beds, small blankets, toys (gruffle balls http://www.petbrags.com/group/craftsforpets/forum/topics/gruffle-ballscrocheted-ball were big) vests, bandanas -- we love to spoil our pets]

-Barbie Doll accessories like blankets, pillows, etc.

-Tissue box covers -- yes even the TP covers still sell! LOL! Best with seasonal decorations, especially Christmas.

-Christmas ornaments of any kind. Nice to take a little tiny Christmas tree and decorate with all crochet ornaments. My ice skates, candy canes and angels were the biggest sellers. In fact anything with angels will sell!

-Dish cloths and scrubbies (the ones made from nylon netting will fly off your table!)

-Tote bags and small girls' purses

-Might size some totes specially for Kindles/Nooks/Ipads

-Tooth Fairy pillows (believe it or not, I sold a ton of these! I think they were sort of a novelty item)


This is a long list and I would probably not display all of them at one time. Better to just pick a few and have a good variety of colors in them. Keep in mind your area's school colors! Hats, scarves and stadium-sized blankets will sell well in school colors! If you like making apparel, I would be sure to keep current color trends in mind. I didn't make much clothing, but would occasionally take some vests or ponchos. Shawls are making a come back -- probably due to all of the Prayer Shawl ministries going on. So, a couple of them might be a good idea.


Having some $1 items is a great way to make children's sales and you can make booth rental off these small items! I would usually have some tiny items that I could give away when kids were especially good or I saw a mother having a hard time with her crew. Makes you feel good to give something away and it is good PR. :)


Make display neat so products stand out. Some will just walk on by most tables stopping only when something takes their eye from the aisle. Can't do that if your table is too packed with items. You can always keep extras below the table to bring out as you sell out. :)


Most of all HAVE FUN! I had so much fun at Craft Shows! The other crafters are amazing people to get to know and even some of your customers will wind up as friends. My husband got into the shows little by little. He loved talking with people and found he enjoyed the shows as much as I did.


Let me know if you need patterns for any of these items and I will look through what I have to send you links to the freebies or book titles to the ones to buy.


Add on: I forgot to add Hair Scrunchies! These sell great and you can make these so fast! If I didn't have the color someone wanted, I told them to walk the show and then come back to me. If I wasn't too busy, I could usually have one finished, depending on size of show and how fast they walked ;)

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions and advice. Still waiting to see if I was accepted into the show. Fingers crossed.




Well good luck on getting accepted:cheer

I must say that I've been invited to a million and one craft fairs but never actually attended one as a seller. Maybe once I get more stock:hook

However, I would never buy "around the house" items for crochet. As a crocheter, I can make those myself. I would buy things to give to other people as gifts. Baby items are ALWAYS something I look at from vendors, CUTE toys-not those hideous 70's looking things. I am into the retro/new-age crochet stuff. Nothing that looks like my grandmother would have crocheted it, there's way too much of that going around already. Like I said, this is stuff I would buy and/or at least look at and take a business card for future orders. I hate old-school crochet, it is just WAY too boring for me, you may want to spice it up a little bit and get a few more eyes on your tables:manyheart

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There are so many people that don't crochet or knit, that a handmade object is wonderful. Things for gifts, things for around the house, winter wear, baby items and other things go well at craft fairs.


If you have time, maybe visit other craft fairs and see what's on their table.


Good luck and let us know how things go.


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