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  1. they are beautiful.....too bad there is such a need for them, God bless
  2. also stay with one brand of yarn...they are not always the same
  3. here most men wear a large or stretchy toque or basic beanie over their baseball cap. make it a bit longer for rolling up and down over the ears.canada gets real cold,lol
  4. no new posts....we miss you and your creativity
  5. QUICK AND EASY..... going to make some for gift tags
  6. oh,oh I'm so looking forward to making the tractors
  7. I really love the pet bed...the one with the ridge....better for new borns and pampered cats....they all should have one of their own
  8. fluorescence lighting is harsh, direct sunlight is deceiving and home light can often be dull. you have like the colour combination to enjoy making the project. You might be critical of your project and others might love the colours. variegated yarns are so hard to exactly match and I carry a mini flash light to get a better distinction of colour in a store, and I use a colour wheel that I got at a art store
  9. you can also use hair accessories...I haunt the dollar stores... embellish them as you want, and some buckles and candy apple sticks work. I have never bought one... because I am too frugal(some say cheap)lol and I use up left over beads charms even stickers. I match the pins to yarn colour or the personality of the wearer.
  10. I like to do stitches that I'm just not sure of, that way if I make a mistake its not so critical. squares or circles, ovals or even triangles I think its quantity, not quality because there are so many pets and so many shelters. Do a stitch you're comfortable with, machine washable, and you can experiment with colour combinations and use any stitch you want.14" for cats, 24" for cats small dogs, 36" for larger dogs.
  11. she probably expected you to just give it to her and the baby. lesson learned, ignore her and never take another order from her
  12. Just right for a favourite nephew.... thank you
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