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    Former preschool teacher. Still substituting when needed. Breast Cancer Survivor. Mother of Two. Son: college student and Daughter: married and teaching 8th grade.
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    Crystal Lake IL
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    Crocheting for charities, knitting (a little bit) plastic canvas, and entering at the county fair.
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    Preschool substitute. Breast Cancer Survivor.
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    Hats, scarves, blankets, baby sweaters, ponchos
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  1. Posting early. Celebrating two years of my cancer diagnosis today! WTD=+2
  2. I'm updating my score. I used up a skein last night, so my point total is now: WTD=+2!
  3. I''m posting early. Been sick again and just taking it easy tomorrow. WTD=0 I did buy 7 points worth of yarn this week, but then used up 7 points of yarn, so I have a big, fat Zero this week.
  4. I got invited to an event of which they are making caps for cancer patients at the local hospital. They can be knit or crocheted, but they have to be of a very soft yarn. The event is on October 18th and 19th, so I have a little while to get ready. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some soft yarns that are not very expensive, and easy to care for. Also any patterns that you can recommend would be appreciated. I knit and crochet, so either kind of pattern would be great. Thanks, in advance, for your help. Linda A two year Breast Cancer Survivor (October 2014)
  5. It probably was an Overdyed yarn. I love the colors it comes in, but not the price!
  6. Posting early. Been sick with the flu this week and didn't get much done. Did catch up on my sleep, thou. WTD=-5 YTD=+52
  7. Posting early for 9/20. Caught my dear husband's cold and I think I will spend the day in bed. :sick He's feeling better and going to a ballgame, so I will just rest in bed and work on projects. WTD=+2 YTD=+57 I Hope there's been a lot of stashbusting this week.
  8. Posting early. Probably going to be a busy day. WTD=+8 YTD=+55
  9. Oh my goodness! A bronze with a plus 2? Crazy.
  10. Posting now. Busy night ahead, with a cookout at the church. WTD=+2 I'm going to start and really try to use up stash for the rest of the year.
  11. Going to be a busy day. WTD=+6 YTD=+47 Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
  12. Bought yarn, used yarn and I'm at a +6 so far.
  13. I'm starting the week out right. Gave away 5 skeins to a friend of mine today, so I'm already +10 and it's only Sunday. I do have my eye on some yarn at Paradise Fibers, but you just never know how the week will turn out.
  14. Posting early. Going to be a busy day around here. WTD=+9 YTD=+41
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