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    Former preschool teacher. Still substituting when needed. Breast Cancer Survivor. Mother of Two. Son: college student and Daughter: married and teaching 8th grade.
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    Crystal Lake IL
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    Crocheting for charities, knitting (a little bit) plastic canvas, and entering at the county fair.
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    Preschool substitute. Breast Cancer Survivor.
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    Hats, scarves, blankets, baby sweaters, ponchos
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  1. Posting early. Celebrating two years of my cancer diagnosis today! WTD=+2
  2. I'm updating my score. I used up a skein last night, so my point total is now: WTD=+2!
  3. I''m posting early. Been sick again and just taking it easy tomorrow. WTD=0 I did buy 7 points worth of yarn this week, but then used up 7 points of yarn, so I have a big, fat Zero this week.
  4. Posting early. Been sick with the flu this week and didn't get much done. Did catch up on my sleep, thou. WTD=-5 YTD=+52
  5. Posting early for 9/20. Caught my dear husband's cold and I think I will spend the day in bed. :sick He's feeling better and going to a ballgame, so I will just rest in bed and work on projects. WTD=+2 YTD=+57 I Hope there's been a lot of stashbusting this week.
  6. Posting early. Probably going to be a busy day. WTD=+8 YTD=+55
  7. Oh my goodness! A bronze with a plus 2? Crazy.
  8. Posting now. Busy night ahead, with a cookout at the church. WTD=+2 I'm going to start and really try to use up stash for the rest of the year.
  9. Going to be a busy day. WTD=+6 YTD=+47 Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
  10. Bought yarn, used yarn and I'm at a +6 so far.
  11. I'm starting the week out right. Gave away 5 skeins to a friend of mine today, so I'm already +10 and it's only Sunday. I do have my eye on some yarn at Paradise Fibers, but you just never know how the week will turn out.
  12. Posting early. Going to be a busy day around here. WTD=+9 YTD=+41
  13. I used up 7 points worth of yarn this week. I'm so happy to be on the + side this week.
  14. Went to Hobby Lobby and didn't buy anything! No yarn at all! And I'm looking for a container to put a new project in, and I didn't find one of those either.
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