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    Former preschool teacher. Still substituting when needed. Breast Cancer Survivor. Mother of Two. Son: college student and Daughter: married and teaching 8th grade.
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    Crystal Lake IL
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    Crocheting for charities, knitting (a little bit) plastic canvas, and entering at the county fair.
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    Preschool substitute. Breast Cancer Survivor.
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    Hats, scarves, blankets, baby sweaters, ponchos
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  1. I always have at least two projects going at once. One's usually something very portable, like hats or scarves, so that it can be taken with me to work on in a doctor's office, swim meet, or other place. And then I've got a bigger project like a sweater that I'm working on and have to really concentrate on it to get it done correctly. Right now, I have a shawl (still portable) and a knitted sweater that I'm working on. I think it's important to have a few going, so that you can switch off, when bored too.
  2. Very pretty. I like the blue accents. It's a wonderful dress!
  3. It's terrific! Thanks for sharing!
  4. The 70's were definately a colorful time, if you like those colors. When we moved in this house, in 1990, the stove was Green and so was the refrigerator!
  5. I turned 50 in February. That was a hard nut to crack! And I sure don't like saying how old I am. It's just something about that number.
  6. Very cute! I love the little accent pillows on it also.
  7. I hit the big 5 0 this year too! Been crocheting every day from when my son was born, and that's now 17 straight years! I needed it as a way to relieve stress, and it certainly worked. If I don't get time to crochet, watch out! I get a bit crabby!
  8. Righty here. But Mom is a lefty. She writes lefty, but bowls and other things righty. Kind of strange.
  9. Hello to Finnbar and Halfpintwatts. I'm in Crystal Lake too. It's surprising who's here at the 'Ville.
  10. But one thing to remember is that we do this because we love it. Crochet makes great gifts, keeps our hands busy so we don't eat, and many other reasons. So whether you spend $100 on a project, or $10, it's the joy that crochet gives us that really matters.
  11. And if your library is in a interlibrary group, then you can borrow books from other libraries too. Just by using the internet. It's great.
  12. Check out the clearance racks, especially at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. You can pick up some really nice yarn for $1-$2 a skein that can sell regularly for a much higher price. Also, just watch for sales. HL has a lot of them. Patterns can be found on the internet for free or low cost. Also they can be picked up at Goodwill, thrift stores, garage sales and other places. Hooks can be from garage sales, yard sales, clearance and other people who find out you crochet. Keep a keen eye open and you will be surprised at what you can get for less. Good luck, and welcome to this crazy
  13. My grandma, Gram O. taught me when I was a teenager. I was driving, so I was probably 17 or 18 at the time. I like to remember when she was teaching me. It's happy memories, now that she's gone.
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