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    crochet, plastic canvas,computer games
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    household items, afghans, baby sets, toys, holiday items
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  1. craftyone


    Cute bunny!
  2. craftyone

    Looking for advice.

    Could it be Red Heart Super Saver in Blacklight? That has pink , yellow, orange, green, and turquoise with black.
  3. craftyone

    C’ville September 2015 Tote

    Wonder if all of us crafty types hated gym class? I was really worried that I would not graduate high school because of my gym grades. Complete total klutz
  4. craftyone

    Sleeved poncho

    That looks great! Is the pattern available?
  5. craftyone

    Design Help

    Depending on how much bigger you plan to make it , the applique may be too small. You could make more than one applique and scatter them around the afghan or make it larger by using a bigger hook. The star stitch would make a beautiful background and much more interesting to work on than just plain sc.
  6. craftyone

    Hello from NY

    Welcome! I'm from Queens, NY and also a lefty.
  7. craftyone

    Vintage Fan Ripple Afghan

    I love the colors and the pattern is beautiful!
  8. craftyone

    Pricing patterns

    That's something I have trouble with too. I think I tend to underprice, since most of my patterns are for smaller items- home decor (Not clothing that involves sizes). I'll be watching to see if anyone has a good way to decide on a fair price to charge for patterns.
  9. craftyone


    I use Red Heart Super Saver for my plastic canvas projects. Any worsted weight yarn works well for 7 count plastic canvas. For 10 count, you can use sport yarn. If you use the really fine 14 count canvas, you need to use embroidery thread.
  10. I've just finished mine! Like the way it turned out. Had to frog part of the back twice, but after that it went well. I just need to weave in all the ends. I'll post a picture later after I get all the ends taken care of. Ends are woven in. Not the best pictures; my camera battery died- had to use my phone.
  11. craftyone

    crocheted bridal decor wine bottle cozies?

    Here's a link to the pattern for the crocheted set. It's a paid pattern on Ravelry. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/four-crocheted-wine-gift-bag-pdf-patterns
  12. I'm a lefty too, and didn't have any problems with twisting. I'm working on my second front now and hope to finish soon.
  13. I'm so far behind on this CAL. I finally finished the back and just started the first front piece. Other projects have cut into my time to work on it. Hope I can get the fronts finished by the end of the week and get it finished by the end of the month.
  14. attachment=70081:001.JPG]I've gotten back up to row 16 where I had been when I realized that I was doing the shells wrong. I'm also working on a baby set and 2 new designs, so I haven't been able to work on this as much as I'd like. Hope to catch up this week.
  15. craftyone

    CLOSED: Daffodil and Popcorn Square

    Thank you; I have 3 testers now.