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Safety eyes-where to buy them???

Katie G

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Hi everybody,

I am looking to purchase some safety eyes for Amigurumi and cannot find them anywhere locally.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best place to order them online, as far as fast shipping, good prices, etc?

Thanks in advance. :hook

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Joann has always had a few sizes when I go in, but they've only had black.


Etsy has TONS of safety eyes if you go check there - and in any color you can imagine :)


Hi Darah!@

I'm in Kansas, too. (Wichita).

Our Joanne's only has a couple of sizes, and they're too big.

I have looked at them on Etsy, was wondering if anyone could recommend a favorite shop.

Have a good day! :hook

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


Mary Jo, I've seen Suncrafters site before, but had forgotten about it, thanks for the link. I'm sure I'll be ordering from there eventually.


Darah, I went back to Joann's today and did find some 9mm eyes, they must have restocked since last week. I do plan on ordering from 6060, though because I like her package of assorted sizes on the eyes and noses.


Katy, we have two Hobby Lobbys here in Wich, but they only had a very small selection of safety eyes the last time I was there. Maybe they will stock some more, eventually.


Well, I should leave the Ville for a while and actually do some crocheting! :hook

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SO glad to see this question, it's one I was going to ask myself! :yay


Does anyone know of anywhere in Canada that sells safety eyes, 9mm in particular?

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