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    Mom and new Grandma to Harmony Rose(5-1-08), have 2 kitties (sisters) & 1 German Shorthair Pointer
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    USA, the midwest
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    crocheting, reading, computers, digital photography, counted cross stitch, politics
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    Anything for my new Grandbaby!
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  1. Beautiful tote. Love the color.:clap:clap
  2. Thank you! I'll go look for it now.
  3. I love this basket...Is the pattern available yet, and if it is, where? Thanks in advance.
  4. What a beautiful outfit! I just gave my granddaughter a 18"doll and hope to make some outfits for her. I sewed a dress for her but hope to crochet some, too.
  5. Susan Bates makes a bamboo-handled hook in that size. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. It's the perfect size to use with cotton yarn.
  6. Katie G

    Cabled bag

    Wow, this is amazing! Are you going to write up the pattern? I and I'm sure lots of others would love to buy it. Fantastic job on the bag and the lining is perfect.
  7. Beautiful afghan, definitely going on my to do list.
  8. Wow, this is truly stunning. Going to put this on my "must do" list!
  9. Beautiful hat and model!
  10. That is absolutely gorgeous! :clap:clap Is it your own pattern, or are you able to share where you found it? Beautiful work.
  11. How cute! May I ask the name of the pattern book? I'm always looking for Barbie patterns...My 3 1/2 year old DGD just recently started playing with Barbies...I haven't made any clothes yet, but plan to soon. I was gifted some pattern books but always looking for more.
  12. Thank you all for your help. I had already searched Ravelry and couldn't find it, and am sure I saw it on here. Then I had a lightbulb :ideamoment, went to show and tell, looked in mens accessories and Striped Mens Hat was on the first page! Sometimes the most obvious is the hardest for me! That is the one I was looking for. The pattern is no longer available, but I think I can figure it out. Now to find time to make it before Christmas!
  13. Hi, I'm sure I saw a man's hat pattern with a stripe on it here on the Ville a year or so ago but cannot find it now. Does anyone remember this? If not, can anyone recommend a good, quick man's hat pattern? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for the tip, LaVonne, I just remembered to check back on this thread. I did like the way the sole felt, I have one almost done, and loved the thickness of it. I was afraid it would be too narrow, as my feet are wide. I may start over and make the sole a smidgen wider. Did you have a hard time crocheting the sole to the top due to the thickness of the sole? It seemed to me like it would be difficult to get a crochet hook thru the sole, but I am definitely going to try it.
  15. You really have to watch the thickness of the yarn, too. I bought some RH white to use with RH stripes and the white was so thin, it was not compatable at all, It was more like Caron Simply Soft. I had to return it to the store. I bought some ILTY white, and it worked ok, although I did have to go up a hook size when I joined the white.
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