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    Mom and new Grandma to Harmony Rose(5-1-08), have 2 kitties (sisters) & 1 German Shorthair Pointer
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    USA, the midwest
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    crocheting, reading, computers, digital photography, counted cross stitch, politics
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    Anything for my new Grandbaby!
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  1. Beautiful afghan, definitely going on my to do list.
  2. Just too cute for words. Thank you so much Darski for bringing a smile to my face.
  3. Now that is just precious. I can't wait til my baby DGD gets big enough to have a doll so I can make clothes for her.
  4. Mel, I love this. I was already in awe of your talent with the RR's but now am even more impressed. I have only finished two so far, and am working on my 3rd and 4th. May I ask, do you do the bpdc every round or every other round? (My monitor isn't the greatest on detail). I will definitely use this technique in the next RR I make. Thanks!
  5. How bout this one? http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=75321 There's a CAL, too, if you're interested. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=75561 Welcome to the 'Ville:waving Katie G
  6. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates and a size K (Susan Bates) hook. The blanket is approximately 49 inches in diameter. 30 rounds plus the edging, if I'm counting correctly. I used one skein of each yarn, but ran out of the blue with half a round to go, so had to buy more and barely squeaked by with the green. I've seen some that have a white center, then the yellow, peach, pink, etc. I kinda wish I had made it just a tad bigger, but I think it will be fine for my new Grandbaby. I'm already planning on making another one for my niece's baby who will be here in July. I hope you decide to make one,
  7. Judy, thank you for the compliment. I saw a blended pastel RR that Chrome Kitty posted a picture of a year or so ago and copied the edging. I'll try to explain how I did it. I did 7 double crochet in the chain 2 at the tip of the point, skip one stitch, slip stitch in the next one, skip one stitch, 5 double crochet in the next, skip one stitch, slip stitch in the next one, skip the next one, 5 double crochet in the next one and so on. When I reached the valley of the points, I slip stitched in the two stitches at the bottom of the valley the started over with the 5 double crochets. I
  8. Thank you. Yes, it is blended. I used four rounds of 2 strands of yellow, then 2 rounds 1 strand yellow and 1 of peach, then 3 rounds peach,then so on. I hope you decide to make one. You'll be happy with the results.
  9. I used yellow, peach, lt pink, lavender, sky blue, and mint green. Thank you all for the nice compliments.
  10. I posted this in Show and Tell, hope it's ok it I post here, too. I just learned how to post pictures today, so I'm like a kid with a new toy! This is the pastel rainbow RR I just finished for my new Granddaughter due in April. Gave it to my daughter at her shower yesterday. It's done with Bernat Baby Coordinates and a Susan Bates K hook. It's approx 49 inches across. Clickable pics. Thanks for looking.
  11. Thank you Sue! That is just the information I needed. I looked at your blog. Very pretty RR's. May I ask what pattern you used? I have Aggie May's pattern, the Sew-on-Fire pattern, and the Aztec Sun pattern. Now I just have to decide which one to use. I noticed that you added extra points in the blue and pink RR, that's why I wondered if you used the Aztec Sun pattern. Now I just have to decide whether I want to do one in brights or in the blended pastels. I had my mind set on using the SS brights and have the yarn but just today was thinking, welllllllll, maybe I will do a blended one in the
  12. Hello all, I have a question for you RR experts..I am getting ready to start a rainbow RR for my 1st GDD who will be here in April. How big do you all usually make the baby RR's? I've only made one other RR and didn't plan the color sequence too carefully. It turned out ok, but I want to do better with this one. If I can figure out approx size, then will be able to plan the color sequence. I'm sure this information has been posted here, but can't for the life of me find it! Thank you all. Katie:manyheart
  13. You're so welcome. Glad I could help somewhat. What a nice gift for someone going thru hard times. Hope you can find the right colors. I was at Wally World right after Christmas and they happened to have all the SS brights in stock, so I bought them all! Merry Christmas to me. Katie
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