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    Married with 5 children
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    baby and toddler items
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    since I was 9 ( self taught )

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  1. I noticed this on ravelry....just gorgeous and it went straight in my queue
  2. Very cool and a perfect boys friend
  3. Yep I love malabrigo but just what Amy said It's beautiful to work with!!
  4. Thanx everyone...I just adore how it turned out
  5. wolles yarn creations on etsy
  6. Well mine is splattered with color Pattern here
  7. Am looking for patterns that have an old world, gothic charm to them...looking for lace types. Anything from shawls to wraps, skirts, doilys, anything with a bit of 'darkness' to it Love challenging myself with complicated lace patterns. They don't have to be free either...
  8. Totally gorgeous What pattern did you use for the red one?
  9. How pretty I've made family and my kids wash cloths for Xmas too
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