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  1. Our puppy is 10 months old. She came from a rescue group and we got her in April. She's a lovable beagle - very cute and distinctively marked. But she's in the doghouse (figuratively, not literally) with me right now. Yesterday I got a package in the mail. I found a copy of a crochet pattern booklet that I had a long time ago and wanted to purchase it again to make Christmas ornaments. She chewed it up! She picked up the package, carried it into the bedroom and chewed it to bits! Luckily, the same Etsy seller had another booklet available. I had to repurchase it. Ever have your pe
  2. I have had a lot going on in my life lately. I had an issue hanging over my head involving unemployment compensation. Thankfully, at a hearing the matter was decided in my favor and I didn't have to pay anything back. I've been eating antacids like candy for months now because of that. I picked up my baby blanket project today and gave it a try. I finished 9 short rows. This is the afghan I want to finish. https://www.herrschners.com/product/herrschners%26%23174-++bubbles+baby+afghan+crochet+afghan+kit.do?sortby=newArrivalsDescend&page=2&from=fn The baby in my p
  3. I've been so down in the dumps lately that I can't get started on any new projects. I do have a baby blanket I want to make and give to my grandson - maybe for his second birthday. But I can't seem to be able to pick up my hook and get started on it. I crocheted some NICU items earlier this year and really should box them up and send them out. Have any of you been in this situation? Any ideas on how to motivate myself? Thanks.
  4. I updated with a photo of a hat made for a NICU donation - Mickey Mouse. I want to make a few more and then some Minnie mouse hats too. http://yarnjeanniescrochetcache.blogspot.com/2016/02/hat-for-preemie-nicu-project.html
  5. Congrats on the soon to be born grandson. Very pretty blanket.
  6. Very pretty. I wish I had a little girl to crochet for. So many pretty items out there to make.
  7. Kathryn, I started a few hats and one blanket, but thought I should check with you. The blanket is basically a larger size granny square. I'm wondering about the holes in it. I don't think it's suitable for a preemie or newborn. If I make it larger, do you think a one-year old child or a toddler could use it?
  8. Kathryn, I've gotten away from crocheting lately and want to jump back in. I was thinking I would make a few more of those baby jackets. i hope that was something they could use at the hospital.
  9. Hi It is Annie's Attic Sweetheart Bedroom, an out of print booklet. In fact, that photo is my actual finished set, which I made for an online auction to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. My ravelry ID is icrochet247. You can sometimes find these booklets for sale on ebay, but seeing as they are out of print, they are very expensive. Contact Annie's Attic and ask them if they would consider reprinting the booklets. If enough people showed an interest in them, they might. I have seen them issue reprints of other patterns.
  10. I crocheted this set years ago when I was really missing my mom. I remembered how she always put out a ceramic nativity set at Christmas and I saw this Annie's Attic pattern and thought I would make one for myself in her memory. Finances got really bad when I finished it and I almost sold it to someone! But I got a full time job out of the blue (thanks, Mom!) and I was able to keep my set. It's 21 years old now and looks nearly as good as the day I finished it. Not much wear and tear on it. The camel needed some minor adjustments to keep him standing by himself. I inserted wooden skewer
  11. Thanks, all I have tried the hot glue gun to fasten the plastic eyes into position (They are the plastic safety eyes with washers. I push the post of the eye into the foam, and anchor it in place with the hot glue.) It's been working just fine and keeping the eyes secure. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  12. Crotch-it! Hahahaha! Better learn to pronounce it first!
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