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  1. Stephanie, I have a bone to pick with you about the square you sent. I'm totally kidding. It's beautiful!!!! I have no idea why you'd be worried about it not working...and for being new to squares, I have to say you did a fantastic job! I will try and get a pic of it tomorrow for all of you. Melissa B., it's all your fault that I tried the Sundrop! Just thought you should know that. How long has that stuff been around? I've lived in all corners of the country and I've never seen it before. Man, it felt so good to get out of the house today. I'd been housebound with the bad temps and snow (well, moreso the temps - I hate taking an 18-month-old out in that if I can avoid it). Is it bad that I *had* to stop by a LYS while I was out?
  2. What about graphing out an image using knitPro? Then you could pick whatever design you wanted.
  3. Tam, I'm so sorry you haven't been able to see your DH - hopefully that changes ASAP for you! How are y'all doing up north? I talked to my family last night to check on them - I couldn't believe my dad had to drive all the way home from Cleveland (to western MI) in the middle of the storm. Ugh. And the pictures I'm seeing from friends and family look crazy! Makes me thankful that we didn't get it too terribly here. Although I know mother nature will come back and bite us in July or August
  4. Since the hat was worked in a continuous spiral, your best bet is to rip back the border rounds, and fasten the hat off where you want to end the variegated color. Then you can join in the border color at any point and go from there. It won't be quite as neat as joined rounds, but it should really cut down on having a noticeable 'jog' at the color change. What about adding little crochet flowers to the beanies? That's a super easy way to change things up without having to monkey with more complicated patterns. You could even do interchangeable flowers (using a button to fasten them on). Hope this helps!
  5. Yeah, it's brutal outside with the wind right now! I felt awful for DH when he had to hop on the 4-wheeler to check on the calves. I'm thinking I might need to knit or crochet him a full-face mask or something LOL
  6. Oh kidget, I'm so sorry!!!! Sending lots of healthy vibes your way
  7. Evelyn, Abby is such a doll - how adorable!!! Happy belated birthday, Nicole!!! I'm so sorry to be MIA lately, y'all. I came down with a stomach bug that DD#1 brought home from school. Darn thing totally wiped me out (and I missed a chance to spend some time with Melissa - I am SO bummed about that!!!!) and I'm just now feeling more human. How are you all doing with the storm? We were really lucky that the majority of it slid past us...my family back in MI is waiting to get hit dead-on with it, though. Hope you're all staying warm and cozy and away from these AWFUL wind-chill temps!
  8. If someone has specified solid, that usually means just a solid single color square Welcome to all the new folks - I think you'll enjoy it here!!! Sue....SIX hours? Holy moly. That is a LOT of patience for algebra So is it just me or is the crud going around again for anyone else? Around here it seems to be a stomach bug this time. DD#1 has a ton of classmates with it, and I'm just kind of waiting to see how long it takes before she comes home with it. bleh.
  9. Unfortunately, it's not felted - that's just pilling from the acrylic material being agitated so roughly. It'll end up shedding pretty badly, most likely. Pick up some natural fibers and I think you'll be hooked on the first project, though!
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say I got the booklets today!!!! Thank you SO SO SO much Alesha!!! Now I just need to sit down and figure out which pattern I want to start first.....
  11. Hi everyone!! I think I'm back in the land of the connected again - pretty sure my antenna on the house is shot. I've got my modem temporarily taped up to the window to get a signal (the only internet I can get out here is through the cell towers), and I guess I'll have to run up to the truckstop to get a new antenna in a few days. :crossing everything that that's really the problem: I have REALLY missed being able to hang out here everyday. Who knew I'd become addicted to you guys so quickly, hmm?
  12. Hi everyone! Hope you're all staying warm!! It's been FREEEEZING here lately. Two snow days later, and I'm super happy that my oldest is back to school just so I can get a little peace and quiet (not that it's quiet with a 16-month-old, but you know what I mean). Still no idea what's wrong with my internet. Waiting on an engineer to call me after they check things on their end. I'm absolutely dying over here not having access to anything (I can't even maintain my own site, and that bites bigtime)....hopefully they'll have SOME kind of answer for me, even if it means that my antenna outside is shot and I need to run to the truckers' shop to buy a new one. :big sigh:
  13. I'd love to be added!!! Thanks for doing this!
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