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    Wendy Harrison
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    I'm a married, stay-at-home mom with only 2 chicks left in the nest out of 7 wonderful children. I love to crochet & meet new crocheters. I have three adorable grandbabies (Ruby, Alex & Joseph), 2 dogs, both rescues (Hendrix, a English Springer Spaniel & Kylie, my little old mixed breed lady).
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    Edson, Alberta, Canada
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    Crochet, Painting, Quilting, Cross stitch, Reading, Rose Gardening, Dog Rehabilitatiion/Fostering.
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    Domestic Goddess
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    Thread crochet, Shawls, Hats/caps, Afghans, Dishcloths, Jewelry...you name it!
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  1. Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply to all the lovely replies...my internet service provider was having issues for quite some time, arugh! So glad to "meet" you all & thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone! Wendy
  2. Very nice, and I didn't find any errors, btw. This made up very quickly...will try to post picture at a later date. Made one for myself & am now working on some for my fellow Pagan friends. Thank you so very, very much for sharing your talents with us hon! Bright blessings!
  3. Hello ladies! for the warm welcomes! A fellow chatty cathy, yay!
  4. Been busily scanning through the patterns, and came accross this one...all I can say is "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOVES THIS"! How utterly adorable. My dd Erin has been bugging me forever to make her a hampster or a Guinea Pig, and I love itty-bitty creatures. As soon as the weekend is over, I'm going to start on this....too, too adorable! Thank you so very much for sharing your delightful pattern - you're very talented! Wendy
  5. Hi everyone! I'm Wendy, a 40-ish Dis. homemaker (aka Domestic Goddess) from Edson, Alberta, Canada. My hobbies include crochet (of course), painting, reading, sewing (quiltmaking - just started), cross stitching, & others. My hubby & I have seven children (blended family) but only have two chicks left in the nest these days...15 year old dd (Katrina) and 17 year old ds (Cullen). We have been blessed with four beautiful grandbabies {Ally (12), Ruby (5), Alex (3) and Joseph (8 months)}. After always having such a busy, mostly insane household for so many years, it sure seems quiet 'round here these days! Or at least it would, but because I still foster & rehabilitate so-called "problem" dogs, it's still just the right amount of crazy, thank goodness! When I retired due to health problems in 2002, I taught myself to crochet out of sheer desperation & as a way to keep my hands busy on those days when I couldn't do much else - and have been an avid crocheter ever since, yay! I also really like to meet & chat with fellow crafters; I always like meeting new people, and if we've hobbies in common it makes it even nicer, don't you think?! I'm looking forward to getting to know you here...I'm a rather chatty type when I'm up to being online, so my apologies in advance for my blathering! Bright blessings, Wendy (ABHummingbird) Hobbies/Interests: :dog:rose
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