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Granny dog coat


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They're all so darling!:clap :clap :clap I want a BOSTON!!! They are so cute!! We already have 5 dogs, and I'm afraid if I brought one more dog home I'd be in divorce court! :lol You have all done a great job on your doggie's coats. Now, you gals need to make yourselves a coat to match! Don't laugh - my Maggie and I have matching coats. Ours are the traditional granny squares with multi-colors. Maggie's coat got published but mine didn't. :(

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My dog Emily will be well dressed this winter! I just finished up yet another coat for her, made from granny squares. I based the pattern on a coat my mom made for her first Boston Terrier about 20 yrs ago. I just made granny squares and copied the placement my mom used.


And to all those ladies (and men) who make blankets and other items from granny squares, I soooo admire you. Just these few squares just about did me in. How anyone has the patience to join more than this I can't understand. But I absolutely adore how this came out, it was worth it!


I woke Emily up to model this for me, so she's pretty sleepy in the pics. But she looks oh so warm :D






I wanted you to thank you for this idea. Here is the one I made for my Chi, Dumplin'



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Ok ladies, I need some help here... does anybody here have a Doberman? I need to make a coat for a Doberman but she lives an hour away so I can't easily measure her so if anybody has a Dobeerman or knows somebody who does, can you please get some measurements for me?

I think all I need is around the neck, around the belly, and neck to base of tail...





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