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  1. That is beautiful!! I love it! :manyheart:yay
  2. How adorable!!! I'll make that for my G-daughter. She'll love it. Thank you so much! You're very talented!
  3. This isn't crochet but it's so pretty. Thought I'd share in case someone's interested. I've bought from this lady before and she's very nice. I was checking my Favorite Sellers on Etsy just now, and found this. I'm of Christian beliefs, but I still love these designs and have enjoyed reading this thread & looking at some of the links (there are so many wonderful designs!) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9934397
  4. I'm a lefty, but I crochet righty cause that's how I was taught. No wonder I had a hard time catching on!!
  5. Me too! I am uplifted by the love and acceptance I feel on this forum. I want to reach out & hug you ALL! Thanks for another great link!
  6. I LOVE EMPRESS BUSY BEE!! She comes up with the greatest links!!! And so FAST! Thank you soooo much. I'm like Donnalynn and some others who have mentioned being a Christian, but I am totally not offended. I think the patterns are beautiful and interesting. I'm going crazy printing off lots of things to add to my to-do pile!! This has been a very interesting thread.
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