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  1. Shelleden

    My new baby

    Molly is growing like a weed! Here's her new sweater I made her yesterday. Now she matches me, except she doesn't have a hood on her jacket.
  2. You mean like this? Sort of crochet graffiti! http://deputy-dog.com/2008/11/urban-knitting-worlds-most-inoffensive.html
  3. Oh wow, that is gorgeous! Sort of like painting with yarn.
  4. How adorable! I love that. She's a cutie!! :cheer:cheer
  5. I don't have one on my blog, but I have one on my website. It gives me a graph and tells the busiest time - it's always Thurs. noon. Interesting... I need to put one on my blog - if I can figure out how.
  6. Shelleden

    My new baby

    Thanks everybody! I still miss my Maggie so much, but Molly sure is providing a lot of doggie love and enjoyment. She's quite a character already! I taught her to sit and shake in about 5 minutes. She seems pretty smart and is relatively calm for a JRT. I think she's going to be a wonderful companion. Here she is in her new sweater I made her. Dixie is my daughter's dog, and is a couple months older. They played and played that day. Dixie and Molly
  7. I added some pics on my blog. http://queeniescabin.blogspot.com/2008_05_01_archive.html
  8. Shelleden

    My new baby

    Thanks Judy for your kind words and the poem, it's very touching. Choked me up. Craw, your Maggie is so cute. She sure has curly locks! Thank you Gardener, I hope so, too!
  9. Shelleden

    My new baby

    Meet Molly! Here's a neat story about a daughter's love.... First, a little background.... I recently lost my beloved Jack Russell, Maggie. Many of you know about her. I've talked about her before. She was my favorite model for my Doggie Duds. She was 17 last December, and the vet thinks she had a stroke. She got pretty bad off, so we had to have her put to sleep, a very difficult thing to do! I have a very good and caring vet, and I knew it was the right thing to do, but my heart was broken. It's hard to even write this. It was a peaceful event, she was alert and looking around all the way to the vet, but she was just sooo weak. I kept telling her over and over "Mommy loves you." At least she wasn't crying out in pain, thankfully! The vet said her heart was real weak. She couldn't even stand up, and she didn't even try to raise her head or anything. He said as her kidneys shut down and everything, she would suffer, so.... She died on Feb. 27. But the good thing is, she lived a good life, and out-lived her life expectancy! She was happy and active up until the day before she died. In fact, two days prior, she actually ran across the room for a treat! She would have a burst of energy and agility at times, then other times, she was stiff and had difficulty getting up. But all in all, she was in pretty good shape for her age. Her vision remained perfect, but she was a little hard-of-hearing. I was so attached to this dog, more so than any dog I've ever had. She was just so special. We enjoyed her so much! She was so smart, loyal, and funny! My daughter, Becky, has raised JRTs for about 10 yrs., and had told me a couple months ago that she had the perfect 'Maggie puppy'. Knowing that Maggie probably wouldn't be around much longer, she thought I should have this puppy. I said No, when Maggie goes, I don't want to get another dog! I was adamant, and the subject was dropped. So....last Friday she sent me a text and said she had a favor to ask of me.... would I dog-sit this JRT puppy for the weekend while they were gone. She said she's the last of a litter and she hasn't sold yet, and I hate to leave her in the puppy kennel all by herself all weekend. Hmmmm.... I texted back Is this a trick?? She said No, no tricks here! I was suspicious though. I think God had a hand in this. Usually, her dogs sell immediately - quite often BEFORE they're born, people will put a deposit on them. But, for some reason this one didn't sell (13 weeks old) and Bec couldn't figure out why. Then, she comes up with this plan..... she said they were going to be 'gone' (I figured a race or something - it's not unusual for them to be gone for a weekend). So I said "OK, I'll take care of her for you". So, she brings the puppy in, and there it is -- a brown head, and two big brown spots on her back just like Maggie! (Maggie's face turned white in her old age though lol). I think within the first hour she had me! I texted Bec later in the evening and said IF this IS a trick, it's working! She said she laughed when she got that text. So, the next day, she called me. I was headed to walmart to get her some toys, etc... I had already made up my mind I wanted her! She said someone called wanting to buy the puppy!!! Can you believe it?! Nobody wanted her until she gave her to ME! So Bec told them it was spoken for, but if something fell thru she would call them back. So she said "Mom, if you want her, she's yours, but if not, I'll call them back and tell them they can have her. I told Bec I'd really like to keep her, but she had a chance to sell her for $400. Bec said she'd rather GIVE her to me, than sell her to someone else. She said she knows she'll have the best home possible. Plus she knew how much I needed her. I didn't realize how much it would help, but it really has. I still miss Maggie terribly, but now I can think about her without bawling. It's like Molly has filled a void. She healed the hole in my heart. So then Bec asked me if I had seen the number she was calling from.... I said No, I just saw the name... she laughed and said it was the shop's number (their business, Mullins Motorsports). I said "YOU ARE SO GROUNDED!!" LOL I said "I KNEW it was a trick!!!" She said, "Well I knew you would love her, I just had to figure out a way to get you to give it a chance. And I didn't lie - we are gone from the house...." Clever girl! (Can you still ground a 34 yr. old daughter?) So, here's Molly! My husband suggested naming her "Maggie", but that just didn't feel right to me. There was only one Maggie and she can never be replaced. Millie didn't like her at first, but she's getting used to her now. They'll be good friends soon. She's adorable - a very sweet, smart dog - and pretty calm for a JRT. She's perfect! Molly Millie and Maggie
  10. Very nice! Do you mind if I use your photo on my blog? Thanks
  11. Hey truckin Patty - Greensburg Indiana, huh? I'm in Connersville, originally from Rushville. We're practically neighbors!
  12. Keesha, may I put your Shawler pic on my blog?
  13. Ok, thanks for letting me use the pic. The 2nd one from the right is Nouveau - one of my favorites. You did a great job on all of them!
  14. Wow, what a beautiful picture! I love them all! Are they all Homespun? They look like Windsor, Russet, ?, Nouveau, and Colonial (or maybe Montana Sky?). I don't know the middle one. How close did I come? May I put your picture on my blog? http://queeniescabin.blogspot.com Customer Gallery
  15. Oh I like that!! That yarn is beautiful - I've never seen that brand before. Very pretty - of course, I LOVE color!
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