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  1. looking forward to the swaps, have been checking in on and off
  2. that's just gorgeous, I have some lace weight sitting around and this really inspires me.
  3. What a great idea! I like those alot, may give it a go with some leftover thread I have here.
  4. Yammy

    Maroon afghan

    very pretty and your stitches look awesome
  5. Yammy

    HUGE Granny Scrapgan

    I made it 18x18, broke out the calculator 324 squares! it's a bit bigger then a full size just in case I get a bigger bed It's very heavy and quite toasty. I would love to see pics of yours when it's done!
  6. thank you for the laugh, that site is always a stitch!
  7. awesome job, I've always wanted to do a granny's daughter or yoyo afgan.
  8. love the colors that is so pretty!
  9. Yammy

    HUGE Granny Scrapgan

    For the squares I didn't follow a pattern, I just did: ch5, sl st for form circle, ch 3, dc3, *ch2, dc4* 3 times, ch 2, slip into 3rd ch of start. row 2: ch 3, dc in each dc across, 2dc, ch2, 2dc into the ch2 space, and then continued on like that for three rows w/ a row of black sc around all the pieces.
  10. Yammy

    HUGE Granny Scrapgan

    Well that or he saw a photo op, he appeared on the bed right after I took the first one.
  11. I started to call this my 'masterpiece' as I was working on it, took a while! But the cat seems to like it
  12. thats the one!!! Thank you sooo much!
  13. I had a pattern for a shawl that was three large motifs in a pinwheel type pattern, w/ fringe it was from the 70"s. I seem to recall it was on someone's blog. Can't find it anywhere and I did look on CPC.
  14. I"ve made this purse felted and non-felted and loved them both and it's super easy. Well traveled bag
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