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  1. Ooooh, thankyou! I'll give that one a try and change the legs. Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for a pattern for some shorts for my 2yr old son. He's about a size 2-3. I've scoured CPC and didn't really see much, but maybe I missed something or someone knows of a good one that isn't on there. I'd also be willing to pay for a pattern if its emailed or downloadable. Thanks!
  3. Thanks ladies! I'm going to give it a shot, and if it doesn't turn out, then I just won't make more Watch the baby s'n't, hopefully I'll have something soon!
  4. Thanks everyone! Crochetgoddess, I just made a granny square to fit, then did a small flap and attached two corners to make the neck, then bordered it, and then attached another smaller flap to use as the belly strap. Oh and I used two strands of ww. Hope that helps! I would love to see it if you make one
  5. Thanks! I just mailed it off this morning, can't wait to hear what she thinks!
  6. I am thrilled with how this purse came out. Its a gift for a friend of mine, and while horribly late I'm sure she'll love it. I just used the crazy brick stitch (I think its called) and then added a few rows at the top and the handles. The handles nearly killed me. First I tried round handles, but didn't like how they looked. Then I bought these handles, but didn't realize I needed the seperate metal bits. Then I tried three different ways of attaching them before I ended up with this. And it was totally worth it, I love them! The pic makes it look a little lopsided, but really it came out nearly perfect
  7. I have finished another dog coat! I didn't use a pattern, just made this one up myself, so I'm really happy with how it came out. I did it as a favor for my MIL (she's giving it as a gift), so I didn't have the dog to test it with. Its for a daschund, but its too small for my Boston Terrier, yet long enough, so I'm hoping it will fit. I asked for pictures when its received and will post them if I get them. Its kindof hard to tell from the picture with no dog, but the head would go out the right
  8. I want to make my ds some diaper covers. Most of what I have read says to use wool, but I have read a few people say acrylic is fine too. The covers I make will be for around the house only, and I change him often, will acrylic keep his pants dry? I have a bunch of acrylic in my stash, but no wool and I'm hoping to whip some up asap without having to wait for a trip into the city to get supplies. Thanks!
  9. Thanks again everyone! Stitchnpick, that's a hilarious story! Once I was walking around with a small baggy of catnip in my purse, and very similar, I dropped it in public. I scooped it up, but not before some strangers saw it. They all smirked then laughed when I tried explaining 'just catnip'. I also had a friends cat attack my purse when I was visiting. Moomoo, I pm'd you, but catnip is very inexpensive and easy to find. I have bought catnip at Walmart and pet stores. I also tried growing my own this year in a big container pot in my garden. I didn't think that one through as I had several cats constantly rolling around in my container pot! Here's the link for the curly toy again http://*****************/web/20011230155705/pages.ivillage.com/debbilynnc/animalitems/id1.html If it doesn't work, I found it in the pet section of CPC called "Curly Cat Toy". Our new kitty is fitting in really well at our place. Made friends with our dog, and our other cat will tolerate him (they even had a nap on the foot of our bed at the same time!). My husband veto'd the name 'Grissom', now we're trying out the name Ceasar. But whatever his name will be, he's just a doll and we're so happy he came into our lives!
  10. I love your shawl! The colour is great and I really like the collar.
  11. Thanks everyone! We leave in just a couple hours to go pick Grissom up, I'm so excited! And I really hope the other kitties enjoy their new toys
  12. I made a purse by making a rectangle, and then folding it in half. I have lined it and closed up the two sides. Right now I am thrilled with it. But I have two round handles to attach, and I can't figure out the best way. How do you attach your purse handles when there isn't a pattern to follow? There are 40sts on each side (front and back).
  13. tinkerpuppet

    Cat toys!

    We just adopted a new kitty from the local college Animal Health Technology department. They take in strays and overflow from shelters and do full bloodwork, deworm/deflea, vacinnate, tattoo and spay/neuter the cats. When the kitties are in tiptop shape, they are then adopted out. Meet Grissom, he gets to come home tomorrow! When we were finalizing the paperwork for him, I asked if we could also have the stuffy toy that was in his pen so that he had something familiar. They hesitated and only agreed when I quickly followed up that I would replace it with more. That's when I noticed that not every kitty had a toy. It would appear that there isn't money in the budget for such little things So I have made some! I used the mouse and fish pattern from the Crochet Pattern-A-Day 2007 Calendar, this pattern for the curly toys and I made the other ones up myself. My mom also adopted a cat from there that gets to go home on Friday, so she is on board with this too and will also have a bag to donate. Our plan is to continually make these so that every kitty they get has a new toy that can then go home with them when their adopted. I just used scrap ww, and stuffed them with catnip marinated cottonballs. Easy-peasy!! They work up in no time at all, so it shouldn't be difficult to keep a supply going
  14. I love your afghan! Can I ask what size the skeins were? I want to start one for my good friend who is having a baby, and I think I may actually have enough in my stash to do it. Hope you don't mind if I copy your colour scheme, its so bright and cheerful!
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