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Another Kiwi's Kozy Dog Sweater


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I just finished up Heidi's dog sweater design, and I love it! I adjusted it as my dog was slightly larger than her pug, but I overdid it so its a little too big now (entirely my fault). But I will definatly be making this again as every pretty girl needs a few different coats to choose from.


My dog Emily had just come inside from basking in the autumn sun and just wanted to sleep, so she wasn't performing as much as I wanted (these are actually the only two pics I got where she wasn't turned over on her back). But she seems to like her new sweater!


pics are clickable





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I love it!! That is just too cute. I also have a soft spot for Boston's. I had one for nine years before she passed on. I got her when she was about 3 years, so she had a long, happy life. But she left her paw prints on my heart and my sons, who now has 2 of his own.

Great job!:yay

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