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  1. Just posted a new free pattern on my website today. It's a scarf I made for my mother.
  2. How exciting! Congratulations! Checked out your blog, too, and became a follower.
  3. Terrific! Cushions and pillows are great because they're relatively quick and always so useful!
  4. Yes, but it's a post about gluten-free eating and migraines rather than crocheting today!
  5. Great pattern! Love the way you worked the "star" into a circle. Thanks for sharing such a terrific design.
  6. MrsD

    Arden's Heart Afghan

    Wow! Love that stich, and how beautifully you did it.
  7. MrsD

    magnolia afghan

    Very unique, having the doily-like motifs at the top!
  8. Lovely! The intricate, ruffled edging is a beautiful touch.
  9. What a great idea for a camping trip!
  10. I'm going to vote for floral pastels -- lilac, soft rosy pink, sage green -- although whatever you choose, just the fact that you handmade it is sure to be a comfort.
  11. Thanks, everyone! Your kind words are much appreciated!
  12. While my Aunt Terry was receiving hospice care, I sent her several pairs of slipper socks. My uncle told me how much she appreciated them. In her memory, I'm posting several different "bootie" patterns on my website. The first one is up now, located here.
  13. Wonderful thread! I just had my most touching crochet experience very recently. It's posted here on my blog.
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