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  1. What a fantastic blanket! I'm sure it will be a treasured gift.
  2. Love the idea of sending a stream of gifts to her. It's hard to even imagine what a tough time she must be going through. I bet she'd really appreciate your thoughtfulness. I think the slippers idea is nice - and you can make cute funky slippers. I made my sister (age 26) bunny slippers. I just used the basic pattern from Coats and Clark for slippers, added ears, sewed on a face with a heart button for a nose and then put some fun fur around the ankles). Her flatmate saw them and loved them so much, she wanted a pair too. If you want to make a monkey like a previous poster suggested - this is a fantastic pattern. I've made 5 of these critters now and they are quick to work up and look so cute. A scarf would be a nice idea too, seeing as winter's on it's way in the States. I second the idea of a really cute little bag - there are so many gorgeous patterns that you could find one that would suit her, be practical as well as lovely to look at! Maybe put some nice perfume in it, lip balm etc - other little 'pampering' type items. Good luck with whatever you choose! I'm sure she'll really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness!
  3. I'm not sure if I'm on the right track with this but your description reminded me of the Bright Ribbons MAM pattern. Here's a link to someone's show-and-tell with their version. The pattern is in the Annie's Favorite Baby Projects book. Good luck!
  4. Oh no! Sending you much sympathy - how upsetting! It's fortunate you had another blanket made up that you can send off. Though I know that doesn't make up for the loss of the newer one. I hide the scissors from my little one, but he still finds them at times. Fortunately he's too young to know how to use them yet! He does rather enjoy throwing a ball of wool around however and making it into a giant tangled mess in the 5 seconds I'm out of the room...
  5. I have this and absolutely love it. It's the only crochet stitch reference that I have. I use it a lot as a reference or just for inspiration. I've made a few things using stitches out of it, mostly squares for blankets to jazz them up a bit. The only thing I wish was that the index listed the stitches by type (e.g. shell, cable, sc, dc etc). I was trying to find one particular cable stitch I loved in there and ended up having to go through every page til I came across it. Other than that it's fantastic and I can't recommend it enough.
  6. What a beautiful blanket! Makes me think of a water lily. Thanks for sharing the pattern!
  7. Welcome! This is a great place to get inspiration and ideas for crocheting. I'm in the same boat as you, not having any friends or people around my age who crochet (one who knits but that's a bit different!). It's definitely nice to be able to come here and find people of all ages joining in the same craft/hobby! And I thought your name on here was very cute and original! Happy crocheting!
  8. CrochetKitten has a free pattern for a messenger bag. It's on this page and is called 'The Crocheter's Messenger'. The suggested yarn is boucle but I saw one on Ravelry done with two strands of regular yarn and then felted. It looked really great. This is a knitted pattern but it's a really nice looking bag. I think a crocheted version would look great. The pattern might give you an idea of the construction and dimensions you could use anyways! Good luck!
  9. There are a few patterns in the Toy section of Crochet Pattern Central that might give you some inspiration. This one in particular is a giant panda toy so the dimensions might work for an outfit for a baby. I have seen some baby cow outfits - you could probably google and find them for some ideas too. Sorry, that's probably not much help but thought it was worth a try! Good luck - love to see what you come up with!
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! Some good ideas to keep in mind As is the usual way, I found the perfect pattern soon after posting here originally! I've decided to do a blanket for his bed with his name on it - using this pattern - Rock-A-Star-Baby-Blankie. Thanks again for the help!
  11. My favourite toy to make is this monkey. It turns out so cute and doesn't take that long to make up. I've made 3, and the kids' have all loved them. It's one of my bub's favourite toys.
  12. Good point, I can at least narrow down the field a bit with things I don't want to make! I'd rather not make toys or clothes or any other kind of wearable. I was thinking about making a blanket (for a big bed) that he can use for awhile. I've made him a few baby size blankets but nothing bigger. I was wanting to make him one with stars on it but can't find any charts/graphs where my stars turn out nicely! I tend to get bored with doing the same stitches in blankets so I'm after something that will keep my interest. I started doing the Colour Me Blanket (which I think looks gorgeous) but I'm getting so bored with it that I don't want to finish it and I'm starting to look at my work so far with dislike! I also thought about making little foam blocks with letters to spell his name. But again I'm having issues with the graphing and having it look neat. So there's where I'm up to! Debating finishing the crayon blanket, perservering with the name blocks and hoping the graph work will look nice in the end, or starting afresh with a new project! Any and all suggestions of things to make are welcome! I'm getting desperate
  13. My little one's turning one in about six weeks (I'm a bit sad about that - where did the time go?!). I want to make him something really special for his first birthday but I just can't find anything that I love, or that will work. I've tried 3 different things and frogged them repeatedly and am getting frustrated. Any suggestions on things I could make that would be special keepsakes? Thanks in advance!
  14. I made the Crochet Hexagon Panel Blanket from Coats and Clark for my stepdad. I did it in a navy blue in a 5ply yarn and left the tassels off. He feels the heat, so having a 'holey' blanket was actually better for him. It was just enough to keep him warm when he was in hospital/recuperating but not too much to overheat him. The pattern was also one that kept me interested. If I'm doing a larger project I need something with a varied pattern. I get bored easily with one stitch!
  15. There are some links in this thread that might be of interest to you for heirloom type blankets.http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=81339Good luck with what you decide to make!
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