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AFTER pictures added - LOOOOOOK!!!


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I've had this Jo-Ann Sensations Licorice yarn just laying around. Yesterday I was at Jo-Ann's (looking for more of my dark gray merino wool - they were OUT! :( ) and found a pattern book that had one for a purse made of this yarn.


So today, while avoiding going out in the rain :rain , I crocheted this purse.




I'll probably have to wait until next weekend to felt it. I was just too excited :hyper to wait to post a picture. :camera


Here's a close up:


It measures about 14 inches across - pre-felting.






Here's the AFTER picture:




and a close up of the handles...




I followed the pattern in a JoAnn's Sensations Crochet booklet that I picked up specifically for this yarn (the Sensations Licorice). The handle instructions said to make a chain and hdc back along the chain... then turn and go back again. I followed the instructions completely, and then attached the handles (as instructed).


As I pulled the bag out of the washing machine, I could see immediately that the handles were gonna be WONKY :loco no matter what I did to them. Stretching them was no help. I was distressed :th (and even the JOY I felt at how cool the bag looked - and it does, doesn't it? - was dampened by my distress over the UGLY :U handles!). I decided to sleep on it :zzz and see what happened in the morning.


In the night, I decided that I would clip the handles off, leaving stubs of approx 2 inches. I sewed the ends, using a blanket stitch and embroidery floss. Then made loops by sewing them to the inside edge!



(a little blurry - sorry)


I then crocheted a long chain, slip stitched back thru each chain, tied off, weaved ends, and fulled.




:bow Taking a bow... because I am very happy with the results. Hee hee :hee Here's my finished bag.




And a closer shot of the handles...




I wove the handle straps (from the inside hole out) through the same end loops (one strap thru both left side handles). Then I tied them to the opposite co-ordinated side strap. (I don't know if that makes sense. I just liked the way it hung better this way.


Thanks for putting up with all my :blah blather and :camera pics. I'm just WAY excited!!! :hyper

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i LOVE your handle solution.. better than the original picture!!!!


did you use the tea kettle? or did you go some where else to full it ?? i have a washer full of fulling right now.. i will have pictures later !


some things turned out surprising but still nice..


i<s> LOVE</s><img border=0 src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v84/crochetville/heartpump.gif" />that bag

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Thanks Beth!


I fulled the bag (and old handles) at my Grandma's last night. She had as much fun as I did with the whole process.


The handles I did this morning.. I ended up doing in my washing machine, adding a stock pot full of HOT water, to heat it up real good.


So now that I know how to full ~ I am gonna be doing it ALOT. :faint

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