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Crochet Doll Clothes patterns

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Free Patterns:

This is probably our favorite donation dress here

She also has




Crown Country Crochet

Mock Turtleneck now available as Ravelry  Download here

Rib Effect Skirt

Yarn Inspirations has some cute free stuff for the 18 inch dolls as well.

I've used ABC Knitting frequently for the 18" and the Glitter Girl which fits the Wellie Wisher clothes.

There are plenty more but this is a place to start for people looking for ideas beyond Darski's pattern list we started here.


My favorite paid pattern designer has to be Adoring Dolls she has just about every theme you could think of and her prices are not to be beat.  She even puts those prices on sale frequently.

If you like thread Michelle Crean has some amazing doll outfit patterns here.

Maggie's Crochet was one of my earliest doll purchases. I think I own most of her 18" patterns.  I still frequently use the Abby, Allie and Annie pattern as my go to pants pattern and I frequently make the poncho for the donation.  Here

Before Adoring Dolls started publishing character patterns I found most of mine through Sweet Silver Creations.  She still has my favorite Princess outfits.  You can buy her patterns here.


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