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Seat Belt Cover


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Hey everyone another quick project using up scraps and a few buttons from my stash...

The seat belt cover is to assist me with my company vehicle due to the fact that we must clean the seat belts there is an area on the seat belts where the seat belt goes together and it has a 2 in flap which basically annoys the crap out of me rubbing on my arm while I'm driving but also due to the fact that we must clean them the cleaner in between each driver so every 12 hours however I'm allergic to the cleaner.. so I created this versus a bandana that I had wrapped around it..

Tested it out last night perfect!!!!! Only thing is I could have made it a little bit tighter all I have to do is just move the buttons I used half double crochet for the whole project except for the row of 3 single crochets to better hear the buttons to the location...


My male coworker was shaking his head again cuz I made another project for the van...😂 Maybe it's the color I'm not sure.....




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Modification... Made the following modifications due to a couple different reasons for me I'm using this for work so the product is coming on and off daily... As well as the project started to stretch and slide around more

Switch from HDC to SCR

Reduce the number of rows

Change buttons hole design

Larger buttons

And used a darker color to satisfy my male coworker... As well



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