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I splurged and ordered a ten pack of Bates Bamboo handle hooks and a nine pack of Boye ergonomic handle hooks. The mm size of each letter size is not necessarily the same. I had no idea there was a difference between brands. Is that difference enough to make a difference in gauge?

           hook letter and number size/mm

Boye:   D/3.125  E/3.5     F/3.75  G/4.25                 H/5      I/5.25    J/5.75   K/6.5          L/8  

Bates:                 E-4/3.5             G-6/4   US7/4.5   H-8/5  I-9/5.5   J-10/6  K-10.5/6.5  L-11/8  M-13/9  N-15/10

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Mona I would think it probably is enough to affect guage.  A few years ago I purchased sets of newer Boye hooks---had the letter and mm size stamped on them.  The hooks that I use are from the 70's and I noticed a difference between the old and new hooks.  I have also noticed a difference if I use another brand of hook.  I noticed it in making squares.  I have made some patterns enough with my old Boye's that I never have a problem making them the size they need to be but grab a newer hook and I have to redo them and adjust my tension.  Its just easier to grab my old hook to begin with.

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