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Lots of Swing Tops


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Came across this cute swing top pattern in various sizes for  for 3-7 years and teenage sizes swing top options. I really like how quick this pattern whipped up less then 24 hours...perfect for a quick gift or to match something that needs a top & you don't have one to match say for a party the next day....

This one using the 3-7 size ending measurements from side to size was 22 plus inches...( I am assuming it will fit a child who wears a size 5/6= 26 inches since part of the back is open by design) Amount of yarn total was less the 6 oz as I used part of a full skein and some scrap white yarn.....

20170812_Swing Top MIX.jpg

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Thanks everyone.....Super quick and simple just perfect project to use up lots of scraps in :O) Next time I will try it with the straps & buttons just to see how that goes as well....

Well next time is here:O) and I just finished this top....and took some measurements

Child 5/6 chest measurement should be 25-26 inches around but since this top is design to be more open I figured 24 inches was good….

My Top Measurements : 
Straps 12 in yarn stretches 
Width at widest point side to side is 24 in 
Top-Bottom minus straps is 12 in including shells row

20170817_Green & Purple Swing Mix.jpg

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