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  1. darrey

    Childs Hat

    What's the link for the pattern of this cap?
  2. darrey

    My crochet tutorial. Ellej.

    Great works! I loved looking over them.
  3. darrey

    Necklaces and bag for my GDs

    What a sweet grandma
  4. darrey

    Kids Swing Skirts

    This so beautiful. I love how it's so girly!
  5. darrey

    Lots of Swing Tops

    This is so cute! Perfect for summer!
  6. darrey

    Anyone know the name of this pattern?

    I really like this pattern. Does anyone have the link of the tutorial for this exact pattern>
  7. darrey

    Mary Poppins Scarf

    Does anyone know the colors for the scarf? Does it have a name or something so I can order the threads online?
  8. darrey

    Carousel CAL – Crochet Tutorial

    Aww cute. Is this like a rug for the baby room for the baby to play on?
  9. darrey

    V-Day Mood Mini Cushion

    Awww this is so cute and seems like quite simple to make. I would make one of these only if I had a Valentine!