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Fingerless gloves


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I started these so long ago that I don't even remember where I got the pattern from, but I found them about a week ago and all that I had to do to complete them was to put on the cuff.  The hand part was already finished on both of them, and since I couldn't remember where the pattern was from, I decided to just wing it and add a cuff that I made up as I went along.  These are made from Vanna's choice and are being modeled by my very dear hubby and our cat, TomTom.  They make WONDERFUL cat massage gloves!  Just ask TomTom!  He'll tell you!  






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Thank you!  I'd really like to find the pattern again because I'd like to make more of them!  LOL!  I know it was online somewhere, probably on Crochet Pattern Central somewhere.  I will recognize it when I see it.  I hope.  LOL!

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