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Walmart Lil Cuteies 1/2 price

Tampa Doll

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I went to Walmart this morning and decided while I was there, I wouldl check out the baby dolls.


They have some big one about 14" for $19.99. I kept looking around and found these Li'L Cuteies. I went to check the price on the little do hickeys they have for that and was shocked:eek They came out to be $7.97 a piece. I mean they are $14.99 at Annie's Attic, plus shipping. So I looked thru them all and got a green eyed one and a brown eyed one. They did not have the Blue eyed doll, or I would of gotten that one also.


So if you happen to be in Walmart and you like to dress dolls, check these out, you sure can't beat the price.:hook

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