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  1. My "coronatime" crochet indoors & stash busting lead to these bright sunny daffs filling the vase!🙂
  2. Hi fellow crocheters!!! I am not really new - but a very "old" member who due to life and all of it's many twists and turns have been a member in abstentia for quite some time. Things have calmed down a bit for me - and of course with "Coronatime" and spending time "self-coronatined" I now can make and have the time to get back into the things that I have loved and MISSED!!! I am an avid crocheter and have since the New Year done become self taught in Tunisian, as well as learned how to loom knit. I love it! I am spending my days in "Coronatime" finishing up wips, discovering new patterns and
  3. Wow!🤗 So many old friends regathering together! This comes as such a welcome surprise for me too! I have been going through a lot and to have this once again be a place to come and enjoy crochet friends is bringing a smile to my face & in my heart 💓
  4. Thank you for all efforts to revive Crochetville! I have always loved it here but I have drifted away here and there for various and sundry reasons = life happens - but would love to be back onboard again.
  5. Granny Square ~ thank you so much for your insights & tips!
  6. Huge fan of cabled headbands and there are TONS of patterns for these. I am specifically seeking a pattern that would incorporate diamond trellis work with a center bobble pattern for a headband. The only one I located was Lisa Rosen's which is out of print. Seeking other pattern sources for something similar. Thanks!
  7. I have the same thing happen too. Life and all that goes with it gets in the way sometimes!
  8. Thanks,so much for sharing Mary Jo!!! Just stunning!
  9. All great ideas! Very nice & so festive & creative!
  10. Awesome & super cute idea!
  11. Hello fellow 'Burgher! I am just North of the city ????
  12. Welcome fellow Pittsburgher! I am North of the 'Burgh ????
  13. Does anyone here go "Old school" with their winding by using a nostepinde?
  14. Thanks SO much!!! Everyday a bit better!
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