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Soft Scarf and Detailed Scarf


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I found this Boucle yarn at a garage sale and immediately thought of my sister. Pinks and burgandy, those are her colors! I made up the pattern based on a scarf I bought years and years ago. The yarn didn't go as far as I wanted so I made a loop on the back side of the scarf with the left over yarn. Then it kind of has that button hole look to it. I couldn't do the button hole because I was working the scarft the short way not the long way.


It turned out perfect and she really loves it!! Her coworker says that it might get stolen at some point ;) The Boucle is so warm and cozy and soft!! Its really hard to take stitches out though if you screw up.


Here too is the scarf I made for my mom! Boy did that one take a while but I learned a lot doing it. I hope you can see all the details of the pattern. Quite a few FPDC and bobbles. Its all sc so its going to be a very warm scarf for her.


Here's my lovely sister modelling her new scarf!



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